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Density Control - Others

The caster can control the density of another living creature or an inanimate object. He must point at the target and make an Agility FEAT roll for targeting. A living target can attempt to Dodge. If the caster's FEAT roll succeeds, he has control over the molecular cohesion of the target.

The caster can reduce or increase the density of the target by 1 rank each round. The caster must concentrate on the target, so the caster cannot attack or cast other spells while using this spell. If the caster stops concentrating on the target, it will stay at its present density rank for the duration of the spell, then begin returning to normal, shifting 1 rank per round until its normal density rank is restored.

For each rank that a living target's density is reduced, apply a -1CS to the target's Strength. Furthermore, anyone attacked by the target is considered to have body armor equivalent to the target's current density rank. If the target's density is reduced to Shift0 rank, his body becomes a cloudy form, like a thick fog, up to 2 areas in volume. In cloud form, the target is subject to strong wind currents, suction, etc. The target cannot attack or cast spells in this form and has no control over his movement. The cloud cannot be attacked by physical or energy means.

For each rank that a target's density is increased, he gains body armor equivalent to his current density. If his current density is higher than his Strength, he inflicts damage in combat equal to his density rank. If the target's current density rank is higher than his Endurance, apply a -1CS to his Fighting and Agility for each rank that his density exceeds his Endurance; also apply a -1CS to his Endurance for purposes of determining his movement rate.

The target's weight at its current density rank is equal to the weight that a person with the same Strength rank could lift. Increasing the density of an intricate object, such as a plant or complex machine, might cause thin and delicate parts to break off.

For purposes of this spell, most living targets have Ty(6) density in their normal state. However, some races have greater density which provides them with body armor (such as Asgardians and Olympians); use the body armor rank of these beings as their normal density. Inanimate objects have normal density equal to their material rank.