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Enchanted Eye

The caster creates an enchanted eye when he wishes. The caster can automatically summon the enchanted eye for 1 round only. A successful spell rank FEAT roll brings the eye forth for the full duration of the spell. It can only see as far as sight normally would, but can penetrate darkness (real or magical), show the caster mystical existences (such as astral projections, invisible magical objects, mystical shields, and so on), and see through illusions. The caster is mentallylinked with the eye and sees everything it sees.

The enchanted eye is a separate magical creation capable of flight. Its movement rate is the same as that of the caster. The maximum distance it can be be separate from the caster is based on the spell rank (for example, 12 areas for Am(50) rank.). The eye can be attacked physically or magically; the eye has Health points equal to the caster's Psyche and any FEAT roll the eye is required to make use the caster's appropriate ability rank. The caster is not affected by any damage suffered by the enchanted eye.