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Eldritch Blast

This spell unleashes a magical blast, causing damage equal to the spell rank to everything in the target area. In addition, the blast has a chance to slam or stun anyone within the target area (see the Magic Effects Table under Power Rank Blasting). The caster's Psyche is reduced to Ty(6) for an hour afterwards and he will pass out for 1-10 rounds unless he makes a successful Endurance FEAT roll. The type of blast used by the character is decided by the Judge and player when the character obtains the spell (see Eldritch Beams/Bolts for possible types).

The spell rank determines the amount of damage done by the blast, but the area of effect when the spell is obtained has a maximum rank of Ex(20) (1 area), even if the caster's actual spell rank is higher. The area of effect can be increased through experience, but can never exceed the spell rank. Furthermore, this spell has a maximum limit of Am(50) rank for its area of effect.