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Astral Projection

The caster can separate his astral self---the sheath of his life essence---from his physical self and travel through space unbound by physical laws while retaining human consciousness. The astral form (also sometimes called the ethereal form or the ectoplasmic form) is invisible, intangible, and incapable of being harmed except by the most powerful magic or by opponents who are themselves in astral form. If the caster wishes to project his astral self while under duress, during a combat or while he is being mentally attacked, he must make his spell rank FEAT roll.

The duration of effect determines how long the caster can remain in this form without physical deterioration occurring to his physical form. If the astral form does not return to its physical body before the duration of effect has elapsed, the caster's body dies; and the astral form can only enter it as it would any other corpse or dummy, creating a blind, zombie-like creature. If the caster's body is destroyed while the astral form is projecting, the caster is stranded in his astral form.

If a character is stranded in his astral form due to the death of his physical body, the astral form itself will dissolve after an amount of time equal to the normal spell duration associated with the character's Psyche rank. (For example, the astral form of a character with In(40) Psyche would endure for 1 day; the astral form of someone with an Un(100) Psyche would last indefinitely.)

The caster can transport other willing subjects to the astral plane along with himself. When attempting to do so, he must make a Psyche FEAT roll: a white or green result means that the caster traveled and the other(s) did not, a yellow or red result means that the multiple astral travel worked perfectly. Astral projection cannot affect someone against his will.

Characters who are in their astral forms can see and communicate with each other, if both parties desire. If 1 or both parties do not desire to be seen, they may have to hide behind solid items, just as if they were in their physical form. If the astral character who is seeking has a lower power rank than the astral character who is attempting to avoid being seen, he must make a Psyche FEAT roll, even if that character is in plain, astral view. If seen, they can have magical combat in that form.

Magical items, though left behind on the physical plane, also have a counterpart that can be taken into the astral plane. It acts in the same manner as its physical counterpart, but its powers are lessened by -1CS on the astral plane. Any magic item that the character possesses on the physical plane can be controlled by the owner's astral self. (For example, Doctor Strange has escaped innumerable traps by controlling his Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto within his amulet, while he was in his astral form.).

Time alteration spells cast from the astral plane work within the physical plane, but do not affect the astral plane.