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This spell affects all targets in the area of effect. The spell releases an unreasoning fear from the target's mind. All targets are allowed a Psyche FEAT roll to resist the effect (see the Magic Effects Table). If the target misses the roll, the frightened character wants nothing more than to run away and hide (all his actions while afraid are at -2CS). The victim will try to avoid, or if necessary attack, anyone attempting to stop or restrain him. The character can only perform actions (including spellcasting) that will help him to escape. The victim always flees away from the attacker, even if he cannot see the caster. After the first 3 rounds of being afraid, and every other round after that, if need be, the frightened character is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll to regain his composure. Once made, it will still take him a full round to get complete control of himself.

Though the caster must maintain a high degree of concentration on this spell to keep the target afraid (no attacks or other spellcasting allowed), he does not know when the character breaks the spell. Only when the target attacks the caster or otherwise acts contrary to a state of fear does the caster realize he no longer influences the target.