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This spell manifests itself in a variety of ways, as the caster chooses: vapors, rings, threads, circles, and so on. When the caster calls up this enchantment, bands (or whatever) form around the target and entrap him. It takes a full round for the bands to completely form. The target can try to dodge through the bands only in the round in which they form and only if the area being entrapped is as large as a 10' cube. If the spell is directed at the individual himself, he cannot dodge through it. When a character is surrounded by the bands there is a 70% chance that he is bound, a 20% chance that he is gagged, and a 10% chance that he is blinded (see the Bound, Gag, & Blind rule in the Mystic's Encyclopedia). A separate roll is made for each of these effects.
The bands cause no damage to the entrapped character. Bands have a material rank that is equal to the caster's Psyche rank. While normal attacks Will not affect bands, magical attacks may free the victim. If the magic attack's spell rank is higher than the bands material rank, it will shatter the bands if the attacker makes a green FEAT roll. If the material rank is the same rank as the magical attack, the attacker must make a successful yellow FEAT roll to shatter the bands. If the material rank is higher than the spell rank of the magical attack, the attacker needs a successful red FEAT roll to break the bands.

The caster does not have to maintain a high level of concentration to maintain the bands; he can move, cast spells, perform normal actions, etc. However, if the caster is affected by a hostile attack or spell, he must make a successful Psyche FEAT roll to keep the bands from breaking. Bands automatically break if the caster is rendered unconscious.