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Is Nothing Sacred?
For Maha Saibyebye

The guru who stole christmas

Maha saibyebye and the ashram of doom

God on my couch by sammy sandals

The Revised Unholy History of Maha Saibyebye part one

ALL NEW The Revised Unholy History of Maha Saibyebye part two

Allelujah your here at last...

This is a site dedicated to affectionate parodies of new age teachers, gurus and other holy moly types, take a look below....

new...... meet the Milde Man Stew Milde, join the Milde Worriers as they lament the toning down of the new age hellraiser we tracked him down

In a hurry to be enlightened then why not try A weekend course in miracles Perhaps you need answers to some questions from a top new age teacher then Ask Louise High Now top dude David Yike has been probing alien bases under denver airport and he's found an signs of alien domination everywhere. Perhaps you lack drive or motivation then let Anton Robbins awaken the hunk within Is your health poor then author Deepak Goes to Hollywood can help with his book Ageless Body Endless Twaddle. The new age epic story The Sellstons Prophecy is a classic tale for bedtime and you will find help with relationships from Davey Gravey and Men are in Bars Women are Cleaners

Next door you can study in depth the biggest guru of them all Maha Saibyebye


The FilesDavid and Doris Yike team up to seek out the alien intruders who live behind the net curtain of our society. New...the Y files: the fools are out them down here

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Its Rishi Rich..Deepak goes to Hollywood, the author of Ageless Body Endless Twaddle guides you to cellular health.....all new

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Meet the Highs, Louise High is having more trouble with her unspiritual hubby Howie. Join Lou and Howie High as she figures out the best way to cure Howie's cold and enjoy a few 'present moments' at her favourite to meet the Highs

this one is a little bit riske so you can read an edited version here :::::::::::::::::::::::

NEW....Still playing...a preview of The most amazing movie ever with the most amazing new agey undercurrent is now hereYou will be met by your Guide Amorphous who will lead you out of the Mahatrix. Its amazing, its new and you can get the exclusive front row seat by clicking here



Name: Yike, David


Last seen: mysterious pyramid

Surmise: held captive by alien brotherhood

Click here you don't have much time to effect mission rescue


Still playing

The Seven Unfortunate Habits of Highly Successful Gurus by Stephen Lovey.

Hi I'm Steve Lovey. I know many of you were shocked at my recent appearance on the shopping channel. Yes there I was right after Brit Ekland had pushed 10,000 'diamond-ite' rings punting out copies of my latest follow ups. Many of you wondered if I diluted my message to broaden my appeal,more watered down than kindergarten squash one of you said. Ok so my approach that day was hollower than one of their china figurines but it was unkind to say that the pile of books shipped out that day wasn't the only sell out. I may be a bit of a sucker for the lights, glamour and carriage clocks but I've learned my lesson. Funny enough the number of lessons I learned that day totalled seven again, spooky huh? And now I'm ready to pass them on to you in book, audio, and cute robot-puppy who can bark out the lessons to pass on to your children. Yes its The Seven Unfortunate Habits of Overly Successful Gurus and its here, all new, all the time 24/7 only on

Read the first unfortunate habit


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