The Unholy History of Maha Saibyebye


The origins of the maha saibyebye have been traced back to the bay area of San Francisco. The holy pa appears to have been the biggest early influence on the little boy. The personality of holy pa was at best transient but two aspects of his troubled persona seem to have had the biggest influence on the boy:

The Holy Pa in 1967

appearing in Vegas later the same year

Many at the time noticed little Joey Sathyaanandana's natural tendency towards service. His favourite game was doctors and nurses with the local girls. Later in life these would stretch to complex two or three hour operations in motel rooms all over the bay area. In these early days little Joey put himself in the service of the holy mother.

The divine holy ma

It was clear to Joey that he had been born into a special home. Many eager male visitors to the little upstairs apartment would clamour for a half hour darshan of ma in the inner room. It was at this time that Joey Anandana learned the art of deep concentration, watching the door for ma for hours at a time. The boy also learned that such dedicated service has its own reward, usually a dollar a squint.

O what joy for the local boys as, with a wave of his hand, Joey would usher them to his wish fulfilling basement where they could have their choice of cigarettes, all clamouring for the holy ash cashcading freely froom the holy boys Marlboro lights.

Legend speaks of a dark incident shortly after the birth of the boy that perhaps explains later events. While entertaining a coachload of Woolite salesmen from Detroit with her darshan holy ma left Joey in the company of Mrs Kozalowski. The boy was placed on the floor and holy ma and pa were shocked to discover he had rolled onto the old ladies pet gerbil.

The little rascal was stuffed and to this day serves as Saibyebye's footstool.

At the age of 13 maha undertook his only pilgrimage away from the bayside. 200 chest expanders stored in the wish fulfilling basement checked out to a missing truck in Oakland Ca. and for two years maha learned the value of service to the community in the company of many other young men.

Then in 1977 a momentous event. Holy ma received a truency report that stated that saibyebye had thrown down his schoolbooks and gone into the wish fulfilling business full time. For the first time he called himself the maha saibyebye and declared himself to be the reincarnation of saibyebyeof New York City. The NY byebye, from the mid 30's, was much harsher. He had the habit of flipping coins and driving devotees away...sometimes for many miles in the trunk of his car.

"Think of me and enjoy my protection...or I break ya windows..

Coming soon ...part 2.