Steve Lovey


Unfortunate Habits of Highly Successful Gurus

They Bow Before St. Oprah

The queen of chat is also the new age high priestess. Ok so Oprah is the pinnacle but most gurus and teachers have to settle for lesser venues than the Grand Ol' Oprah. Oprah may say 'remember your spirit' but many of out top teachers are increasingly reminding us to 'remember your credit card' on hundreds of of infomercials. I know its a shock to see your favourite new age writer, the chap or chapess you thought was a spiritual master following an infomercial for the 'abmaster' but thats the reality we advicenicks have accept these days. We all have to do it, I'm sorry if your favourite guru who is in touch with spirit via chanelled information has switched to an infomercial on all channels but thats progress.

I get a guru makeover ready for one of my infomercial 'shorts'

So Wayne Dire used to be all for affirmations in front of the mirror but now seems to do more plugs on the tv. Ok your disappointed but get used to it. Its one of the seven unfortunate habits of highly successful gurus. Look at Deepak Goes to Hollywood. It used to be that tm stood for transcendental meditation in his books but now it stands for trade mark stamped all over his overpriced cosmetics. Given the standard of his wooden performances on St Oprah its just as well the guy dont believe in death.

The usual justification for all the hooplah and tv appearanaces on daytime is that our gurus want to get closer to the people. A kind of guru makeover. Ok fine but why is it that you can never spot them in public anymore except at venues of 2000 plus or the odd book signing? My advice is that if you see your favourite teacher or guru on St Oprah you better enrole on a remote viewing course, cos thats the only way your going to see them from now flicking round your remote control.

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