Wake Up the Unlimited Powerful Giant Inside
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Hi I'm Anton Robbings...

Hi I'm Anton Robbings, author, motivator and hunk. LipsmackinthirstquenchinacetastinMOTIVATINgoodtalkingevergivincoolfizzin.....Anton. I am a renowned teacher of NLP which stands for Not Likely Provable (no really my little joke). Basically NLP is the study of behavior when people interact. Key to my approach are the eye movements when people are talking. If you see someones eyes shift left, for example, this means they are primarily visual types. When people look at me though they always seem to have their eyes rolling upwards and they all seem to go tut tut or duhhhh, becoming excessively verbal types especially when I am being hunky Mr Motivator.

You should have more drive...

Above all motivation is about having more drive, lots more drive. Look at me I got lots of drive now, several miles of it leading all the way to my big ol' mansion. Now I have helped millions. And yes I can clear you of all phobias and neuroses in one minute with my NLP. Why its easy. Just think of your biggest mental problem right now. Ok now I want you to visualise that problem getting smaller and smaller and then drive that sucker down, down, deeper and down ...right down into your boots where you need never think or feel it ever again. Down, deeper where it can just lurk in the deeper unconscious, in the very toecap of your shadow mind. It really works too. Those two young kids from Columbine a while back said it really helped.

Ok time for my protein shake. Just remember though: the power is within you and with AR, within your reach and within your budget. Raaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh. Love and hunky hugs from meister hunk.