Deepak Goe$ to Hollywood

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Deepak Goes to Hollywood

Salutations to your maha. Your body is a vast cosmos made up of millions of individual cells. My bank account is a vast body made up of millions of individual sales.

bad thought gonna kill you faster than a bullet

It is important to have a strong immune system. My immune is very strong. Hence my seeming immunity to criticism for my overpriced range of ladies cosmetics.

Sadness and a desparation for a quick fix is is the enemy of health cell growth. It does however promote healthy sales growth for me. So avoid all thinking especially when considering the cost of two weeks at Deepakland health resort. I urge you to read my bestsellers: Ageless Body Endless Twaddle and Seven Laws, Misdemeanours and Felonies of Spiritual Growth. Blessings of ayurveda on your maha and thankyou for adding me to your shopping cart.

close up of my healthy cells