He's back ...its Rishi Rich himself, Deepak Goe$ to Hollywood

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moree Deepak goes to Hollywood

In my most famous book, Ageless Body, Endless Twaddle, I tell you the importance of healthy cells. Its vital that cells can successfully replicate so that the vast body of cells can grow. The same applies to my vast body of sales, its vital that replication occurs so that overrall they can grow. Allow me a demonstration:

If they write a book about seven habits of the highly successful then.....

Six months later I write a book about seven spiritual principles for success

If they write a book about men and women and mars and venus and lovey dovey then....

Six months later I write a book about finding love

If they write a book about having a nice conversation with God then....

Six months later I write a book about hotwiring your cells directly into almighty G.

Each imperfect copy takes its place in my vast body of sales...er cells. Its what the other authors in the new age call DNA or Deepak's Nicked Again.

close up of healthy replication

So we see replication is vital for healthy growth of cells and sales. So negative thoughts can promote abnormal cell growth but positive promotion can cause abnormally high sales for me. Normally imperfect copies would be destroyed by the immune system but I seem to be immune from all criticism. So my ripped off...er divided cells are made whole again by positive thought and a nice chat with Oprah.

Blessings of Ayurveda and thankyou again for adding me to your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout.