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David Yike

Hi i'm Dave. Not much is constant, i no longer have the perm I sported in the '80's for example. But one thing is utterly sure and thats the domination of our 'democracies' by a race of pure bloodline reptillian overlords. The evidence is everywhere. The symbols of their rule are commonplace. For example, I recently finished my Dirge of Love tour in New York and was struck by the domination of that city by reprillian signs. On every street junction you see the STOP sign. This symbol urges cars to 'stop.' Few realise this sign actually derives from StOprah the pure dynastic bloodline that stretches all the way to the queen of daytime chat. Now i urge you to cover your eyes from this sign. Be like me and drive through it, preferably naked as i do, and ignore the cries of'stop' from the fascist reptillian lackey cops. I have done this for three months now and can no longer get any health or auto insurance, proof again that our top institutions are dominated by alien overlords.

I have just returned from another visit to Ma Klampett, the visionary from arkansas who was subjected to government mind control experiments in the late 70's. She maintains that Gerald Ford, not George Bush is the real leader of the blood elite and can eat six children and walk at the same time. I leave you with these sketches of ma's visions and say gettova the karma maha and come back soon.

George Bush may be a shapeshifter but....

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