Ask Louise High
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Dear Louise

I am living with a man who is not interested at all in your books. He says your book 'Create your own Reality' should be called create your own banality. Is it possible, dearest Louise to live with a man who is a speedbump on ones own karmic superhighway?

Louise High replies...

Let me answer you by dipping into my own life story. Howie and I have been together for 20 years and in all that time he has been a strictly 'nuts and bolts' sort of man. Literally, he manufactures and distributes nuts and bolts in eleven states. The spiritually aware woman needs to treat this type of partner a particular way. Heres how I do.

I teach that it is important to bless all your bills. Each morning at breakfast before even one alfalfa sprout has passed my lips I take each bill and affirm 'thank you o bill for coming to me, Howie can stretch to this no problem so I pass it now in joy and abundance to dear Howie who sits behind his Wall Street Journal.' Now Howie says that I've been making a few too many blessings lately and he's looking a little cross. 'What do we want with two replica Arapaho sweat lodges at two thousand eight hundred dollars a pop,' he says. Well I do teach that one has to live in the present moment. Howie thinks Ive been having a few too many 'present' moments in Rodeo Drive with his Amex card. Maybe he has a point, he's sweating like a full detox so maybe one of those darling sweat lodges can go back. Now he will launch into his little speech about how workshops on angels dont pay the bills but nuts and bolts do and so forth. The trouble of course is that we all have to live by the spiritual law. I teach that 'what you put out will come back' and my little 'present' moments have been showing up on Howies statement at the end of the month. Oh well I guess I'll just bless the bill for the 72 pure onyx tibetan singing bowls another day. I was going to put one in each room of our houses but Howie will only get cross and say I've been into that silly 'sheng phooey' nonsense.

But really Howies wrong about the angels not paying the bills. I find my litle blessing always works and those little bills just grow little wings and fly right into Howies briefcase every morning. Its only a thought and a thought can be cahnged, thats my teaching. O well its only a sweat lodge and it can be exchanged. I really must try to get Howie to listen to my tapes on dissolving resentment.

Love Louise High. Beverley Hills CA.