A Weekend Course in Miracles

Our motto: a journey of ten thousand miles begins and ends in ten easy steps...

If your intimidated by the length, weight and sheer amount of time needed to complete the classic Course in Miracles then the Weekend Course in Miracles offers the fasttrack to a miraculous completion. Many students shorten the title to 'The Course' so we figured why not shorten the whole thing? If you dont have an attention span equivalent to the Golden Gate Bridge this weekend is for you. Ok so you are sceptical but why? So many once difficult disciplines have been shortened so you can qualify on a drive-thru basis. You can be a fully certified healer in 48 hours. So what if your shiatsu is suspect or your reiki decidedly flakey. You gotta piece of paper. Now the weekend CinM can hussle you down the miracle mile pronto. We are talking spiritual quickening on the hurry up.

Now the CinM is a mighty tome but dont let it be your tomb-you aint never gonna dig your way out. Our course cuts out the flim flam and you will be fully qualified in Applied Miraculousness. We take out all the packing around the new hi-fi so to speak. Just by eliminating the word 'beyond' we save you 180 pages (love'beyond'love, truth'beyond' truth etc etc'beyond'etc. No tedious spiritual journey over 10 incarnations for you no sir you will be on the M train heading downtown for club enlightenment by nightfall Sunday.

Miracles are as light as angels wings but the CinM is heavy, real heavy. Who says you cant get as much from a short course. Why, twice as many americans play mini golf than tackle snooty golf courses every single weekend. Why not you. Crazy golf-crazy wisom, whats the difference? We guarantee that Miracles-Lite will be just as fulfilling. In just one weekend you will take your place amongst the spiritually realised. The strong silent type, a miracle maker is not a waffle maker.

So for only $99.99 join us this weekeend in the presence of Sid 'Smokey' Robinson and his wonderful miracles.

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