Meet the Milde Man....Stew Milde


home again

Stew Milde is back on the new age circuit again although in a much muted version of his old self. True the old curmudgeon is still recognisable from his frequent hurling of expletives preluding a hasty storming off stage a few minutes into each appearance. At a recent gathering in Florida Milde was seemingly low key, slurring his speech and droned endlessly about healing his inner child. "not so much a case of sixth sense as sixth scotch," complained one erstwhile follower. It seems the Milde man has just lost his verve. Through the 80's and 90's Milde stormed off stages around the world with speed and style. Milde gigs were characterised by quickfire expletives and exit stage left prompting the audience to tear up tickets and toss them in the air like confetti. Milde wrote his famous 33 Steps to the Exit in those years but lately he has slowed down. Now he slopes off stage muttering and cursing and it takes an age to get off, like a thousand day climb.

Promoting his book Infinite @!!*% Milde has stormed off fifteen stages in the US and is planning to single finger his way through eighteen more gigs by year end, showering double expletives like double blessings.

The tour comes after recent criticism that Milde has forsaken his quest for the higher self in favour of higher wealth. Followers of his website have been invited to join an A list and attend his Tellmemac workshops costing many thousands dollars. We caught up with Milde at a workshop in Geneva Switzerland and put the accusation to him directly. Unfortunately we were shouted down by workshop attendees prepared to defend him (Bill Gates, Sultan of Brunei).

33 unsteady steps beyond the coach and horses