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Sir Beef's
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Page
First Edition Campaign Rules and Modifications
  Welcome to Sir Beef's home page! For avid players and gamemasters of 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, a site dedicated to new ideas and campaign modifications. As with all FRP systems, rules are just guidelines to assist the gamemaster in producing a quality product which will entertain and provoke interest for his or her players.

I don't get by here much anymore, but feel free to comment on this page or it's content.
  Herein you will find ideas used by myself in my own campaign. Feel free to use them as you wish, or not.

 My foray into the tangled jungle of gaming has yielded these few treasures of questionable worth...

The rest of the stuff is down below!

New Classes
  I have several new classes available to use within your campaign. All these are tried and tested. Some may appear to be too strong or weak, but I have tried to balance all abilities and attributes. A few are sub-classes, and some are stand alone. Some of these classes can be found in AD&D second edition, but these are all my own creations.


View some of the interesting, amazing, (and sometimes ridiculous) characters in our Rogue's Gallery!

Complete character sheets in MS Word 6 format available Download it here

Primitive character generator runs in dos Download it here

The premier role-playing convention in Northern California is Dundracon. It is held every President's Day Weekend at the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel, Friday through Monday.

Sir Beef's human player will be running a con-sponsored game at this year's convention, as he does every year.

Click this image to go to the Dundracon Home Page

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