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  These spells were discovered by some adventurers in the tomb of an unknown knight. This tomb was made reference to by runes discovered earlier in the tomb of Sir Gawaine, on the Isle of Wight. The level of the spell caster was agreed upon by the Council of Wizards, at Lodin.

Magic User


Level: 3                                                Components: V, S

Range: 0                                              Casting time: 5 rounds

Duration: 1 turn per level                   Saving throw: None

Area of Effect: Caster

  This spell gives the caster an out-of-body experience, in which he finds his conciousness located high in the sky, or atop a peak that is within his sight. The caster is able to scan around in a 360 degree circle, looking both up and down. The spot where the spell locates is the point at which the conciousness of the mage revolves, but remains stationary there. While preoccupied visualizing the countryside in this fashion, the mage is unaware of his physical surroundings. If attacked while using the spell, the caster will snap back to his physical body, the spell broken.


Level: 2                                                Components: V, S, M

Range: 6"                                            Casting time: 3 segments

Duration: 6 rounds +1 round / level    Saving throw: None

Area of Effect: One creature

  This spell will force breath into the lungs of a person or creature who cannot breathe due to strangulation, constriction, or drowning. The target of the spell must be visible to the caster, or the spell is broken. It cannot be used on the caster. The material components of the spell are a small vial which is to be broken by a silver or gold hammer during casting.


Skeleton Fire

Level: 2                                                Components: V, S

Range: 6"                                           Casting time: 1 segment

Duration: Instantaneous                     Saving throw: None

Area of Effect: One creature

  This spell fires a flame-like bolt of blue energy from the fingertips of the cleric, having the same effects on undead as 2 vials of holy water. The flame has no discernable effect on any creature not of the undead variety, but the effect of the spell may be sufficient to cause panic in less intelligent creatures like kobolds or goblins. The cleric must have one hand grasping his holy symbol while casting.

 The following spells were offered by the below named wizard...



Range: as Phantasmal Force

Duration: as Phantasmal Force

Casting Time: 4 segments

Area of Effect: as Phantasmal Force

Saving Throw: Special

Components: V,S,M

Explanation/Description: This spell -- the Arch-Phantasmyst's pride and joy -- has the effect of causing real objects (traps/treasures/monsters et. al.) to appear Yllusionary (semi-transparent and fuzzy around the edges) if the viewer attempts disbelief and fails his saving throw.

But this is no ordinary save! For purposes of this spell, the saving throw table is inverted (1 is "high" and 20 is "low"). If a PC ordinarily saves on a roll of 13 or higher, against the Phantasmyl Pharce the PC must roll an 8 or lower! Players who roll high and believe (mistakenly) that they have saved will "see through" the affected object while those who roll low will, of course, see what's actually there, believing that they have been "duped" by the "Yllusion."

For this reason, its very important that you don't tell the players whether their PC's save or not. LET THEM LEAP TO CONCLUSIONS!! Just make note of what they roll and tell them what their characters "see."

The results are frequently hysterical!! Imagine an Umber Hulk ripping into a party of adventurers who have foolishly dismissed it as "just an Yllusion"... or that same group walking away from a King's Ransom because they've been convinced it's not real.

Those who actually are taken in by the Phantasmyl Pharce may alert their companions to the "true" nature of the "Yllusion". Players so "advised" will get the standard +4 bonus on their own saving throws should they attempt disbelief (note that this is in fact a -4 penalty due to the inversion of the saving throw table!)

Best results are obtained when used against players who start disbelieving everything in sight at the first mention of the word "Yllusionyst"! Phasted's Phantasmyl Pharce puts the phear of Phantasmysts back into the hearts of those who've phorgotten.

PHASTED'S SPEKTRYL BYMBOS (Yllusion/Phantasm, Alteration)


Range: touch

Duration: Special

Casting Time: 4 segments

Area of Effect: 1 to 13 Spektryl Bymbos

Saving Throw: Special

Components: V,S,M

Explanation/Description: This spell enables the Yllusionyst to create semi-real phantasms (cf. Shadow Monsters) of comely, buxom, bar-room push-overs. For every two levels of experience the Yllusionyst has attained, one Woman of Easy Virtue may be created (to a maximum of 13). Each Bymbo will be between the ages of 16 and 19-and-a-half. They will be cheerful, friendly, flexible, and VERY eager to please. CHA will be in the range of 17-20 (d4+16), INT will between 6 and 9 (d4+5). The material component is either a dozen flowers and a box of chocolates or cheap gaudy costume jewelry and a big jug of perfume. The material components are consumed in the casting of the spell (not necessarily by the Yllusionyst!)

  More spell will likely be added here in the future.

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