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Witch Class (Shaman)

  The witch class is a ritualistic magic class, drawing on forces of nature to produce magic. Spells and effects of witch magic are different from those of either magic-users or clerics, though they echo the effects of many druidic spells. There are no strict guidelines for training or advancement in the witch class, though practitioners will experience a strengthening of life force (increase in levels), as experience is gained.
  Spells available to witches are subject only to a limitation of a certain number of spell levels they can learn based on their wisdom and level. A witch may use one spell per level per day, plus one additional spell for each point of wisdom over 12. (Example: a 5th level witch with a wisdom of 15 can use up to 8 spells in a day.)  Any spells known may be used, though some higher level spells may drain the witch of energy, causing him/her to lose the ability to cast further spells.
  There are no minimum requirements for this class, though a high wisdom is helpful. Any race may be a witch, though some will refer to them as shaman, or wise ones. Witches save on the same table as clerics, but do combat on the magic-users table. They will generally only have 1 weapon proficiency, though they start with several non-weapon proficiencies. The following are the basic proficiencies of the witch class; Animal Lore, Fire-building, Foraging, Healing, Plant Lore, Survival (cold and heat), Weather sense. 1 more non-weapon proficiency is available at the start, and subsequent proficiencies are  gained on the magic-userís table.
  Witches have four-sided hit dice, with the same constitution restrictions as any non-fighter class.

Experience points Level  There are no class level titles for this class
       0-1,750             1
1,751-3,500             2
3,501-7,000             3  Can track as ranger of 1/2 level
7,001-13,000           4  Can speak with animals as druids do
13,001-25,000         5  Can make poultices for drawing poison
25,001-45,000         6  Friends with woodland faerie folk
45,001-90,000         7  Can make healing potions
90,001-150,000       8  Can make magic charms or protection
150,001-200,000     9  Unaffected by Illusion spells
50,000+ per level after 9th.

Standard witch spells (as druid spells)

Animal Friendship   Barkskin    Cure Disease    Animal Summon 1
Faerie Fire              Create Water  Detect Magic  Call Woodland Beings
Locate Animals       Cure Light Wounds   Neutralize Poison  Cure Serious Wounds
Pass without Trace  Heat Metal    Protection / fire    Dispel Magic
Purify Water            Locate Plants    Summon Insects    Plant Door
                               Produce Flame     Tree   Protection / lightning

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