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The Gladiator

  The gladiator is a sub-class of fighter, or, more precisely, a sub-class of barbarian. Gladiators are ex-slaves, who have learned to fight and survive in arena combat staged for the bloodthirsty pleasure of their masters. Freed from bondage by arrangement with their masters, or by having effected a successful escape from captivity, gladiators use their considerable fighting skills in mercenary employment. Expect an ex-slave to give his or her loyalty grudgingly, being not too quick to trust or befriend others. Camaraderie among adventurers may be akin to the bond between fighting partners in arena combat, and lead to a similar bond among party members.
There are no requisite stats for the gladiator, but they do receive an initial bonus of +2 Strength and +1 Dexterity. Gladiators gain double dexterity armor class bonuses as per Barbarians, when non to fairly bulky armor is worn. Bulky armor lowers their armor class bonuses to normal.  If a polearm is employed as a weapon, this class will gain a -1 to effective AC as a shield would modify it (arena parrying skills). Throwing weapons such as spears and axes have their effective range increased by +1 when used by a gladiator.
All races may be gladiators. This class begins it's adventuring career at 3rd level. They will be proficient in 7 different weapons, though specialization is not available. New weapon proficiency slots are gained as normal fighters. Beginning non-weapon proficiencies for this class are; Survival cold, survival heat, fire building, and rope use. 2 others may be chosen at character generation. Gladiators may scrounge for items at half the percentage chance as a same level Bushi (Oriental Adventures).
While this class is unlimited for all races, human gladiators may not change class to magic users or clerics. Either standard fighter training school or arena combat will suffice to train the character up to 5th level, but only fighter training school can be used thereafter.
Gladiators tend to worship nature icons rather than deities. Usually the sun, moon, earth or sky are deified by this group, normally having been denied religion in their youth. They may opt to follow a particular deity, but will usually pick on that emulates their original beliefs, (i.e. sun gods, earth gods, etc.).

  Below is the gladiator experience point table. Experience for the first two levels are included in case of level drain.

Level        Experience Points            12 Sided Hit Dice
(1)                0-1900                                                1
(2)                1901-3800                                          2
3                   3801-7500                                          3
4                   7501-15000                                        4
5                   15001-30000                                      5
6                   30001-50000                                      6
7                   50001-100000                                    7
8                   100001-200000                                  8
9                   200000 + per additional level beyond 9th

  Starting hit points will be 10 +1d12, plus any constitution hit point bonuses for 2 levels.
  Human gladiators should use the Barbarian roll up table in the Unearthed Arcana. Saving throws and THAC0 are the same as for fighters.

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