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The Rogue

  A new character class is the Rogue. This name is used frequently to describe thieves and scoundrels, or sometimes even highwaymen. This usage is to describe adventuring fighter/thieves like Conan or Fafhrd (Newhon mythos). The rogue is basically a fighter with some thieving skills, no talent for magic, and who remains aloof and independent.
  Rogues may be human, half elven, half orc, dwarf, mul, or halfling. Their minimum stat requirements are; Strength 12, Dexterity 13. Exceptional strength is possible for a rogue, depending of his or her race, but only to a maximum of 18 (75). They may use constitution bonuses for hit points of up to +3 with a constitution stat of 17 or greater.
  A rogue must be proficient in a type of sword and a type of bow, beginning with 4 weapon proficiency slots. Rogues may single specialize in their sword weapon. They use the Cleric combat chart, as it splits the difference between the fighter and thief, but the saving throws are taken from the best of either fighter or thief, as a demi-human fighter/thief multi-class would.
  Rogues may be of any Neutral alignment, and may hold no official titles, disdaining them as something to be recognized by. (anonymity to a thief beats a fancy title any day).
  The thieving skills of this class are 20% lower than a single-class thief of the same level. They are; Pick Pockets, Open Locks, Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, Hear Noise. If their chance to perform any of these tasks falls below 1%, they are considered to have a 5% minimum chance to perform them.
  While any type of armor up to banded mail may be worn by a rogue, any armor of fairly bulky or bulky encumbrance will knock off an additional 5 or 10 percent from thieving skills, respectively.
  Basic non-weapon proficiencies known by all rogues are as follows; Direction Sense, Fire-building, Foraging, Rope Use, and Weather Sense. They may have 2 more elective proficiencies, and receive more based on the fighter table.
  Rogues may also Scrounge as a Bushi of half their current level.

Experience Point Table
Experience Points    Level       8 sided Hit Dice   Level Title
0-2,300                          1                       1               Rogue
2,301-5,000                   2                       2               Rogue
5,001-11,000                 3                       3               Rogue
11,001-22,000               4                       4               Wanderer
22,001-42,500               5                       5               Rover
42,501-93,000               6                       6               Adventurer
93,001-160,000             7                       7               Adventurer
160,001-280,000           8                       8               Renegade
280,001-360,000           9                       9               Renegade Adventurer
360,001-700,000         10                      10              Pretender

330,000 experience points per level for each level above the 10th. Rogues gain 2 hit points per level after the 10th. Use the ranger table to determine number of attacks per level.

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