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The Swashbuckler

  Yes, I know that 2nd edition AD&D has a Swashbuckler as a fighter sub-class. Mine was created independently of this one, though after hearing about it, I discovered that the two were very similar. It rather stands to reason that 2 "musketeers" might come out similarly. Use mine or use theirs, it's a fine class either way. The following is taken directly from my write-up of the class that I use in my campaign.

  The swashbuckler is a sub-class of fighter. These rogues tend towards a chivalric and pompous lifestyle, and may be of any Lawful alignment. Humans, elves and half elves may be swashbucklers. The average swashbuckler will be found wearing fancy clothing, including hats with plumage. They tend to prefer one-handed swords, favoring first the Cutlass (treat as a Glaive with regards to damage), then the Scimitar, and finally, the Longsword. To a man (or a woman), they disdain the use of shields in combat, preferring either a single sword or a sword and dagger when fighting florentine. Swashbucklers may opt to use on non-weapon proficiency slot to effect a quick draw and ready move (q.v. Iaijutsu, Oriental Adventures).
  Most of this class will wear fine clothing with padding, giving them an armor class of 9. They also have an advanced dexterity armor class bonus system, which allows them to use quickness instead of armor to protect themselves. This advanced AC bonus is negated if bulky or fairly bulky armor is worn. The following table shows their advanced AC bonus, based on their dexterity, and their attacks per round, based on level.

Dexterity Score    AC Bonus        Level        Attacks per round
15                            -2                        1-6                    1
16                            -4                        7-11                3/2
17                            -6                       12+                    2
18                            -9
19                            -11

  Swashbucklers have minimum required stats of 15 dexterity, and 14 charisma. They also gain a +1 to their initial comliness score. They use the fighter's table in the Unearthed Arcana when a human character is generated. They can opt to become Bards, with the appropriate additional training. They begin their career with 1-2 additional languages already known, and prefer other human/demi-human tongues if available (french, spanish, elven, etc.).
  Swashbucklers, while a member of the fighter class, may have a maximum +3 constitution hit point bonus. Saving throws and THAC0 are the same as fighters.

  The swashbuckler is a stand-alone class, and may not be combined with other classes as a multi-classed character. If one is psionically endowed, he may take Psionic as a secondary class, regardless of race. Swashbucklers may not change class to Magic user.

  Members of this class begin their career with certain non-weapon proficiencies. These are; Boating, Riding land based, Dancing, and Stellar Navigation. They can also Pick Locks and Find Secret Doors as a thief of two levels lower than their present level. Evil swashbucklers tend to be pirates and privateers.

Level        Experience Points            10 sided Hit Dice        Class Level Title
1                0-2500                                        1                          Pirate
2                2501-4750                                  2                          Scoundrel
3                4751-9000                                  3                          Rapscallion
4                9001-17500                                4                          Privateer
5                17501-40000                              5                          Courtier
6                40001-75000                              6                          Aramis
7                75001-140000                            7                          Fancy
8                140001-275000                          8                          Swashbuckler
9                275000 per additional level beyond 8th

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