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The Priest

  The priest class is made up of clerical aesthetics, devoted to art and the pursuit of mental and physical disciplines. Combining many of the physical disciplines of the monk with the spiritual training of a cleric, this class offers many different skills as an adventurer. While priests must be of lawful alignment, they may be Good, Neutral or Evil. Restrictions may apply as to which deities will allow priests as worshippers. Check the description, if any, of the restrictions and characteristics of the clerics of any deity being considered.

Priests need minimum stats of 15 in Dexterity and Wisdom, as well as 14 in Strength. If a human is being rolled on the Unearthed Arcana table, use the rolls for Monk. The minimum starting hit points for the priest is 6. They may use a maximum of +2 hit points per level based on high constitution.

  Only humans, half elves and half orcs may be priests. Because of the extended time that the basic training takes in this order, all characters start at the first age of the Middle-aged category. Adjust all stats accordingly. Priests are a stand alone class. That is, they may not change classes or be a class changed to. They may not be a single class of a multi-classed character. They do not receive a 10% experience point bonus.

  Weapons available to priests are; Staff, cudgel, bo stick, shillelagh, mace, flail, morningstar, cestus, staff sling, bolo, whip, and sap. Priests may not use shields. All priests must take staff as one of their 2 starting weapon proficiencies. They fight and save on the same tables as monks.

  In the case of the monk, all abilities, including the thieving skills, begin 2 levels later than normal. this also applies to the ability to fall certain distances safely. the power of the "Quivering Palm" is not available to the priest class.

  The strictures of the monk generally do apply, with the exceptions of;  a priest may not have henchmen, there is not a limited number of uppper level priests, they do get their normal dexterity armor class bonus, and the priest may wear armor, though it will adversely affect his monk abilities. The monk abilities are detailed in the table below.
            Natural *                                 Open Hand                 Open Hand   Special
Level    Armor Class    Movement       Attacks per Round      Damage        Abilities
1                10                                12                                1                                1-2                        -
2                10                                12                                1                                1-3                        -
3                10                                13                                1                                1-4                        -
4                  9                                13                                1                                2-5                        -
5                  9                                14                                1                                1-6                        A
6                  8                                14                                1                                2-7                        B
7                  8                                15                               3/2                              1-8                        C
8                  7                                16                               3/2                              1-10                      D
9                  6                                17                               3/2                              1-12                      E
10                5                                18                               3/2                              2-12                      F
11                4                                19                                2                                3-13                      G
12                3                                20                                2                                4-16                      H
13                2                                21                                2                                3-18                      I
14                1                                22                                2                                2-20                      J
15                0                                23                                2                                2-24                      -

* Without dexterity armor class bonus figured in.
* Armor class is given without armor. While wearing any type of armor, use the normal armor class rating without monk bonuses.
* For each different type of armor, modify the movement rate accordingly; Non-bulky -2, Fairly bulky -4, Bulky -6. Plate of any kind cannot be worn by priests.

  When considering the cleric aspect of the priest, he must abide by all rituals and sacrifices required of normal clerics, plus they must proselyte to try to convert others to their own religion whenever possible. Priests must also try to return to their monasteries at least once a year with an item of beauty to adorn it's walls. Failure to do so will cause the priest to lose face among his brethren. This must be atoned for by the priest by accepting a pilgrimage from one of the Exalted Masters (usually to some remote desert or high mountain). It is therefore important to keep track of the date of parting from one's monastery.

  Spells are gained in the same way as normal clerics, but they do not receive bonus spells for high wisdom scores.

  Experience Points        Level        6 Sided Hit Dice        Level Title
0-3,000                                         1                            2                        Disciple
3,001-6000                                   2                            3                        Novitiate
6,001-12,500                                3                            4                        Neophyte
12,501-28,000                              4                            5                        Superb
28,001-56,000                              5                            6                        Ecstacle
56,001-130,000                            6                            7                        Immense
130,001-260,000                          7                            8                        Successor
260,001-480,000                          8                            9                        Exalted
480,001-800,000                          9                            10                      Exalted Priest
800,001-1,100,000                       10                          11                      Exalted Master I
1,100,001-1,800,000                    11                          12                      Exalted Master II
1,800,001-2,200,000                    12                          13                      Exalted Master III
2,200,000-3,500,000                    13                          14                      Exalted Master IV
3,500,001+                                   14                          15                      The Exalted Master

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