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  Sir Beef is a character with a much longer history than I regale here. His life has been both ordinary and extraordinary. Most of the latter must remain within the realm of gameplay.

  Joseph was born in Brymingham, Brython, some 29 years past. A son of tradespeople, he grew up robust and healthy, and stronger than most of the other boys. At 16, he desired a life of adventure, and put his savings into fighter training. At 19, he left training a full fledged fighter, his first set of banded mail untouched by violent intent. Young Joseph took the name of Beef for his adventuring, not wanting his family to bear the brunt of any retribution for any ill deeds he might commit. His trainer had called him "Beefy" during his training, and it seemed to fit the robust youngster. Prolific in the use of a 2 handed sword, he set out with a woman of half elven heritage. Epona was her name, trained as both cleric and fighter.
  Soon, the two of them fell in with a bad crowd. Naturally, they became fast friends and comrades. As their adventuring took them far from home and far removed from lawful practices, Beef began increasing in levels, paying for the training with his ill-gotten gains. At one important juncture, Beef came into possession of a most powerful magic item as reward for some heroic (mercenary) deed the party had performed. This ring of Wishes transformed his life and began a new era for the young man.
  Enough detail. Beef eventually became Sir Beef, knighted by the young maiden queen he helped to install on the throne of Brython. Later he was also knighted by Arthur Pendragon, for saving his remains. His love for his queen was re-directed towards a middle aged sorceress by the name of Carolyn, whom he married. And after Beef's migration from Brython to Sicilia, he also married his original companion, Epona. It was a strange arrangement, all three living in the same castle. Epona followed the path of weal, Carolyn followed the path of darkness, and Beef walked the fence betwixt the two. A match made...well, somewhere...
  After becoming a fighter lord, Beef received another great gift, this time from an enigmatic witch named Abrinna. Suddenly smitten with wisdom, he found himself called to the priesthood of his god, Dionysus. Sir Beef became a cleric.
  Now, many years after first picking up a sword at the fighter training school in Brymingham, he has exceeded not only everyone's expectations of him, but also his fighter level. A high priest of the 13th level now, Sir Beef visits home often, to see his wives and play with his children. The magic items and treasure he brings home make a nice addition to the castle treasury. This is where Sir Beef likes to be, when he's not plane hopping or causing political havoc abroad.

The Particulars
Name: Joseph W. (Sir Beef)
Race: Human
Alignment: CN
Level: [fighter 9], Cleric 13
Preferred weapon: 2 Handed sword, specialized
Preferred armor: Chain mail
Strength: 18 50 (23)*
Intelligence: 7**
Dexterity: 19
Wisdom: 18 (19)***
Constitution: 13 (18)****
Charisma: 16
Comliness: 13
Perception: 13
Fidelity rating: Very low
Particular likes: Wine, women, song, wine.
Particular dislikes: Vampires, mind flayers, sour wine, certain kings.
Special abilities: (don't even bother asking...)

*      Girdle of Giant Strength
**     Intelligence was reduced by a mind flayer attack
***   Pearl of Wisdom enhances his basic score
**** Has been killed 5 times

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