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Holidays from around the globe. Many can be used for markers or festivals in gameplay.


1    New Year's Day (traditional)
      Kwanzaa Ends (African American)
2    Birthday of Inanna (Sumerian)
3    Pueblo Deer Dances (Native American)
5    Feast of Befana (Italian)
6    Haxey Hood (English)
      Three King's Day (Puerto Rican)
7    Sekhmet's Day (Egyptian)
8    Druidic New Year
9    Festival of Janus (Roman)
10  Geriant's Day (Welsh)
11  Festival of Carmentalia (Roman)
12  Nez Perce War Dances (Native American)
13  Midvintersblöt (Norse)
      Feast of Brewing (Celtic)
14  Makar Sankrati (Hindu)
15  Black Christ Festival (Guatemalan)
16  Festival of Ganisha (Hindu)
17  Saint Anthony's Day (Mexican)
18  Surya (Hindu)
19  Festival of Thor (Norse)
20  Festival of  Thorrablottar (Icelandic)
      Feast of Saint Agnes (Roman)
21  Ramadan *Beginning at sundown* (Moslem)
      Santa Ines' Day (Mexican)
24  Blessing of the Happy Woman's Candle (Hungarian)
25  Burns' Night (Scottish)
26  Festival of Ekekeo (Bolivian)
27  Sementivae Feria (Roman)
28  Upelly-Aa (Scottish)
29  Festival of Peace (Roman)
      Martyr's Day (Nepalese)
30  Holy Day of the Three Heirarchs (Eastern Orthodox)
31  Hecate's Feast (Greek)


1    St. Brighid's Feast Day (Irish)
2    Groundhog Day (traditional)
3    Powamu Festival (Hopi)
4    King Frost Day (English)
5    Feast of St. Agatha (Sicilian)
6    Festival of Aphrodite (Greek)
7    Day of Selene (Greek)
8    Mass for Broken Needles (Japanese)
9    Dakini Day (Tibetan)
      Feast of Apollo (Greek)
10  Li Chum (Chinese)
11  Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (French)
12  Festival of Diana (Roman)
14  Disting (Teutonic)
15  Lupercalia (Roman)
      Sigfrid's Day (Odinist)
18  Spenta Armaiti (Zoroastrian)
19  Chinese New Year
20  Day of Tacita (Roman)
21  Ramadan Ends (Moslem)
22  St. Lucia's Day (Italian)
23  Terminalia (Roman)
25  Day of Mut (Egyptian)
      Time of the Old Woman (Moroccan)
26  Hygeia's Day (North African)
      Day of Mihr (Armenian)
27  Feast of Esther (Hebrew)
28  Buddha's Conception (Tibetan)


1    Matronalia (Roman)
2    Mother March (Bulgarian)
3    Doll Festival (Japanese)
4    Feast of Rhiannon (Welsh)
      Purim *begins at sundown* (Jewish)
5    Celebration of Isis (North African)
      Purim Ends (Jewish)
6    Mars' Day (Roman)
7    Junonalia (Roman)
8    Birthday of Mother Earth (Chinese)
9    Feast of the 40 Martyrs (Greek)
      Celebration of Aphrodite and Adonis (Greek)
10  Holi (Indian)
      Hypatia's Day (Greek)
11  Hercules' Day (Greek)
12  Feast of Marduk (Mesopotamian)
13  Purification Feast (Balinese)
14  Veturius Mamurius (Roman)
15  Ides of March (Roman)
      Rhea's Day (Greek)
16  Dionysus' Festival (Greek)
17  Saint Patrick's Day (Irish)
18  Sheela's Day (Icelandic)
19  Day of Aganyu (Santeria)
      Eyvind Kinnrifi (Odinist)
20  Ostara (Spring Equinox)
      Ala Festival (Nigerian)
21  Tea and Tephi Day (Irish)
      Feast of San Gregorio (Mexican)
23  Summer Finding (Norse)
25  Anunciación (Mexican)
      Hilaria's Day (Roman)
26  Plowing Day (Slavic)
27  Gauri (Hindu)
28  Birthday of Kwan Yin (Chinese)
29  Festival of Ishtar (Babylonian)
30  Day of Bau (Babylonian)


1    Iroquois Corn Planting Festival (Native American)
3    Birthday of Buddha
      Passover Begins at sundown (Jewish)
4    Megalesia Begins (Roman)
5    Tomb Sweeping Day (Chinese)
6    Ching Ming (Chinese)
7    Feast of Blagini (Romanian)
8    Hana Matsuri (Japanese)
10  Megalasia Ends (Roman)
11  Passover Ends (Jewish)
      Feast of San Leo (Mexican)
13  Baisakhi (Hindu)
14  Sommarsblót (Norse)
15  Buddhist New Year
      Feast of Tellus Mater (Roman)
16  St. Padarm's Day (Celtic)
      Feast of St. George (Byzantine)
18  Thargelia (Greek)
      Rava Navami (Hindu)
19  Women's Celebration (Balinese)
20  Yaqui Pageant (Native American)
      Egg Rolling Day (English)
21  Feast of Pales (Roman)
      Dea Roma (Roman)
23  St. Georges' Day (English)
      Venus of the Vinalia (Roman)
24  Children's Day (Icelandic)
25  Feast of San Jorge (Mexican)
28  Eid el-Adha (Moslem)
      Floralia Begins (Roman)
30  Walpurgisnacht (German)
      Floralia Ends (Roman


1    Celebration of Asherah (Babylonian)
2    Fire Festival of Bona Dea (Roman)
3    Cruces (Mexican)
      Corn Festival (Native American)
4    St. Monica's Day (Irish)
5    Feast of Banners (Japanese)
6    Cinco de Mayo (Mexican)
8    Stork Day (Danish)
      Helston Furry Dance (English)
9    Lemuria (Roman)
10  Tin Han's Day (Chinese)
11  Ceremony for Rain (Guatemalan)
      St. Mamertius' Day (German)
12  Festival of Sashti (Indian)
13  Our Lady of Fatima (Portuguese)
14  Isis' Day (Egyptian)
      Apollo's Birthday (Greek)
15  Feast of Isidro (Filipino)
      Cold Sophie (German)
16  Savitu-Vrata (Indian)
      St. Brendan the Navigator (Celtic)
17  Dea Dia (Roman)
      Mut L-Ard (Moroccan)
19  Feast of Pudenciana (Mexican)
      Moslem New Year
20  Victoria Day (Canadian)
      Okinaga-Tarashi-Hime (Japanese)
21  Plato's Birthday (Greek)
      Day of Tefnut (Egyptian)
22  Ragnar Lodbrok's Day (Odinist)
23  Rosalia (Roman)
      Semik (Russian)
24  The Three Maries (French)
27  Ashura (Moslem)
29  Oak Apple Day (English)
30  Frigg's Day (Odinist)
31  Day of Oggum (Cuban)
      Day of Santa Petronila (Mexican)


3    Sothis (Egyptian)
4    Independence Day (American)
      Waterfall Ceremony (Native American)
7    Tanabata (Japanese)
      Consualia (Roman)
10  Panathenæa (Greek)
      Lady Godiva Day (English)
11  Theano's Day (Greek)
      Naadam Festival (Mongolian)
13  Reed Dance Day (African)
      Bon Festival (Japanese)
14  Bastille Day (French)
15  Day of Rauni (Finnish)
      Olympian New Year
16  Rosa Mundi (Palestinian)
      Birthday of Set (Egyptian)
17  Festival of Ama-Terasu-O-Mi-Kami (Japanese)
19  Wedding of Adonis and Aphrodite (Greek)
20  Binding of the Wreaths (Lithuanian)
21  Damo's Day (Greek)
25  Feast of Salacia (Roman)
26  Sleipnir (Odinist)
27  Hatshepsut's Day (Egyptian)
28  Pythias' Day (Greek)
      Domhnach Chrom Dubh (Irish)
29  Feast of Santa Marta (Mexican)
31  Day of Loki and Sigyn (Odinist)

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