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The Weapons Master

  Here is a class of fighter who specializes in melee fighting. While weapons masters do not abstain from the use of bows and crossbows, they prefer hand to hand combat, with melee weapons of all types and open-handed or martial techniques.
  The weapons master must have a minimum score of 15 dexterity and 14 strength to qualify for this class. The fighter rollups in the Unearthed Arcana are appropriate for this class. While it is not strictly limited to humans, proficiency with a polearm is a class requirement, and may eliminate some smaller races from the ranks of weapons masters. They may be of any Neutral alignment, and demi-humans may consider this as a fighter class for multiclass combination.

  The weapons master starts his or her adventuring career with 8 weapon proficiency slots and 2 non-weapon proficiency slots. He may not take advantage of weapon specialization at this point in his career. The choice of weapons used may vary widely, as long as one is a polearm, one is a sword, and one is some type of staff. Weapon specialization is available, but not until he reaches 5th level. Only single specialization is allowed for this class.

  Hand to hand combat is taught to this class, in fisticuff and brawling techniques. If martial arts are available, some training may be purchased in these disciplines. Basic damage done by punching is 1d4, rather than 1d2. Not a huge difference, but those points do add up.

  Weapons masters may wear any type of armor, though they find plate too restrictive, especially for brawling.

  The weapons master class uses 10 sided hit dice, and the saves and combat tables of fighters.

Experience Points        Level        Hit Dice        Class Title
0-2100                                    1                        1                Novice
2101-4250                              2                        2                Initiate
4251-8500                              3                        3                Intermediate
8501-18000                            4                        4                Solo
18001-37500                          5                        5                Fighter
37501-75000                          6                        6                Bravado
75001-135000                        7                        7                Quietus
135000-275000                      8                        8                Firebrand
275001-600000                      9                        9                Weapons Master
300000 experience points                             9+3              Weapons Master
per level beyond 9th

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