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What's New?

Here's a list of last year's new episodes ('97):
Sailor Moon: episode 66 "Rubeus Evens the Score"(Sept 20th)
Sailor Moon: episode 67 "Rubeus Strikes Out"(Sept 27th)
Sailor Moon: episode 68 "The Secret of the Luna Sphere"(Oct 4th)
Sailor Moon: episode 69 "Emerald Takes Over"(Oct 11th)
Sailor Moon: episode 70 "Promises Fufilled"(Oct 18th)
Sailor Moon: episode 71 "No Thanks, Nurse Venus"(Oct 25th)
Sailor Moon: episode 72 "A Dog day for Artemis"(Nov 1st)
Sailor Moon: episode 73 "Lonely Amy"(Nov 7th)
74. Child's Play (Mon Nov 10th)
75. Future Shocked (Tue Nov 11th)
76. Legend of the Negamoon (Wed Nov 12th)
77. Jealousy's Just Rewards (Thu Nov 13th)
Sailor Moon: episode 78 "Birth of Wicked Lady"(Nov 17th)
79. Brotherly Love(Mon Nov 14th)
80. Diamond In The Rough (Wed Nov 19th)
81. Final Battle (Thu Nov 20th)
82. Follow The Leader (Fri Nov 21st)

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