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This page is about
episode 71 of Sailor Moon
"No Thanks, Nurse Venus!"

The sixth new episode this year

The orginal japanese episode was episode
78) "Venus-Minako's Medical Comotion"

I'm trying to get some more pictures up on this page but microsoft internet explorer (a piece of garbage) seems to have eraseed some of my programs so it might be a while.

This week's Sailor Says was reused from episode 21) "Jupiter Comes Thundering In". "My friend Lita sure likes to fight . I'm sure glad she's on our side..." Tracy Moore, the old Sailor Moon did the voice of this Sailor Says.

Some of the sound effects in this episode where taken from the original japanese version. The sound of Rei getting mad (beep, beep, beep ding), the same sound effect when Mina is waiting for the thermometer.

It's snowing outside, christmas time, and Mina is wearing a skirt.

You might have noticed that it says Minako (the o being a heart) on Mina's apron. Minako is Mina's original japanese name.

Serena/Usagi's pyjamas had a left over right button style. This style is for guys clothing. I'd expect this from a guy show but Sailor Moon always gets this right. Especially since it was the same way in all the scenes. I guess they wanted her to be wearing a guy pyjama. It was a style that could be a guy pyjama but pink? Only in a shojou anime (chick cartoon) do guys ever wear pink. Darien/Mamoru has done it before.

There are some slight differences from the original episode:
  • A scene at the begining of people walking around shopping followed by a news report on the influenza sweeping across Jyuban was cut

  • Mina said she hoped the poridge was hot enough this time. In the original episode she said "I hope I get it right this time". They didn't specify the problems as being glue adn cold. They just said that Rei's was too salty.

  • The tape of "Sounds of the Sea" is really "Alpha-waves"

  • Droid Injector's original name was pharmaco

  • In Serena's dream she said it was nice to be with Darien on his birthday. Originally she said Christmas.

  • During her dream no one was refering to not wanting to be in their dream. They just said that Usagi and Mamoru's relationship was getting way too hot. This of course led to Usagi screaming that she was hot.

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