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This page is about
to the much anticipated
episode 66 of Sailor Moon
"Rubeus evens the score"

The first new episode in nearly two years

The orginal japanese episode was episode 73) "A UFO appears! The Sailor Soldiers taken hostage."
Yes that does mean that there are 7 episodes along the line that were never dubbed into english (2, 5, 6, 42, 46 and two others I've never seen... yet.)

There have been a few changes to the actors:
  • Kirsten Bishop has returned as "Emerald" (Esmeraude). It's like the job she was born to do. She does a great anoying laugh. I think she was a little too feminine for Zoicyte.

  • Click on the picture of emerald to see a picture that I drew of her

  • Katie Griffin is no longer the voice of Raye/Sailor Mars. She's now doing other things like a new juici fruit commercial. She gets stopped by some cop at the border who wants to see her juici fruit. (She's a CANADIAN tourist. ;) She's also on a bus advertisement. I'm not sure who the new actress is.

  • Yet another Darien/Tuxedo Mask. Now it's the guy who played Alan. Tuxedo has been played in the past by Reno Romano (1-11;14;26) and Toby Proctor (12-13;15-25;27-65)

  • They kept the scrolling message in the intro that was in the first ten episodes.

    The Sailor says was reused from "Time Bomb". All about taking your time to do things right.

    In the past Dic has had a bad habit of inacuratly dubbing many of the episodes. To my surprise this one was extremely acuratly translated. It seems the new writers are doing a good job.

    There are some slight differences from the original episode. There are so few that I got real picky:
  • Serena/Usagi didn't originally refer to her school uniform as a sailor suit. Most school uniforms look like that in japan.

  • Right before Reenie/ChibiUsa steals the broch she was supposed to have a flashback of when Avery and Prisma were transformed. This scene was probably cut because of nudity. In "Sibling Rivalry" the scene was cleaned up like the transformation sequences are.

  • When Usagi calls up the girls on the communicator it's only her who talks and not Luna

  • When ChibiUsa puts down Usagi the girls disagree and say she's a good person. They don't roast her.

  • At the ending of the episode Usagi nearly slaps Reenie but Tuxedo Mask holds her hand back. This scene was cut for obvious reasons. There's more about this in my explanation of next week's episode.

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