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Sailor Moon

Image Gallery

These are some Sailor Moon drawing I've drawn. Click on the thumbnail to see the big picture.
If you don't have a java compatible browser click on the name of the file instead of the thumbnail.

Black Lady/Wicked Lady
Wicked Lady also known as Black Lady.
The ever anoying Emerald or Esmeraude. The picture I copied to draw this picture is in the second intro for Sailormoon R in japanese and the stickers I got at the dollar store.
ChibiUsa/Reenie Most people say she's real anoying but hey who isn't. So she dominates nearly 2 seasons taking attention away from many more interesting aspects of the story. It's ChibiUsa, known to the english masses as Rennie. This picture appears in the closing credits for the late episodes of the SuperS series and the card I got at the dollar store.

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