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This page is about
episode 70 of Sailor Moon
"Promisses Fullfiled"

The fifth new episode this year

The orginal japanese episode was episode
77) "Usagi and Mamoru's love rekindled"
They really get right to the point with their titles.

This week's Sailor says was reused from episode 10) "Fight to the Finish". "A lot of people say life is tough but that doesn't mean you let yourself..." It's from Jaedite's last episode.

The voice of the girl who works at the Love Bracelet shop (droid Regania) was done by the same actress who did the voice of the head of the fashion show commitee at the Autumn Festival/Jyuban Festival in "Raye's day in the spotlight"

Some of the sound effects in this episode where taken from the original japanese version. The sound of Serena/Usagi's confusion when she is having trouble with her Love Bracelet and the wierd chimes when Serena's house is shown.

Once again when Sailor Mercury used her attack she said "Shine Aqua Illusion" instead of the habitual "Mercury Ice Storm Blast". I guess they're going to use that for her attack from now on. I don't know why they only changed (kept) hers.

There are some slight differences from the original episode:
  • The "Love Bracelets where originally called "Promise Rings". Because of this translation a delightful pun was lost. When Usagi/Serena first asks Naru/Molly and Umino/Melvin what the're making she understands "Promise Ring" to be "Pro Wrestling". She thinks about it and Umino and Naru are in a ring. Naru does a suplex on Umino.

  • Serena never said that she'd even cut off her meatball's to get Darien back. Darien/Mamoru did not say "don't change Serena". He really said "It's not you it's me".

  • Droid Regainia's original name was Ude-ring

  • Lita/Makoto and Ami said that they'd wait outside for Serena while she made her Love Bracelet. We're to believe that ther just going to sit in front of the store like goons waiting for her to get done. They really said that they'd browse around until Usagi was done.

  • The girl who works at the Love Bracelet store didn't tell Serena that they should try one for kids. She just said that they should start off with something easier.

  • When Serena's running towards Darien she says "we can't get married because of our destiny". Ignore this. This would lead you to believe that the're still broken up. There not. It's over. After two years of waiting for new episodes the finally made up and the're actually gonna be together for longer than their previous record of a little over one episode. (that's the amount of time between when Darien/Mamoru gets his memory back from the Moonlight Knight and when he breaks up with her after having his preminition.) Darien said that he and the Sailor Soldiers must work together. This is because in the japanese episodes they weren't known as the Sailor Scouts but Sailor Senshi which means Soldiers. This is why the original title is Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon).

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