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This page is about
episode 72 of Sailor Moon
"Dog Day for Artemis"

The seventh new episode this year

The orginal japanese episode was episode
79) "Artemis' Adventure. The Evil Animal Kingdom"

I'm trying to get some more pictures up on this page but microsoft internet explorer (a piece of garbage) seems to have eraseed some of my programs so it might be a while.

This week's Sailor Says or should I say Luna Says was reused from episode 27) "Kitty Chaos". "Luna's gotta be one of my best friends.." It was about the importance of taking good care of your pets. Finally a Sailor Says in the new episodes that has something to do with the story of this episode.

They had Alan's flute music playing while the animals where getting hypnotized ???

They said nymbus. This is the second time in the series that it's said. The first time was Raye calling Chad a nymbus in "Enemies No More" What's it supposed to mean. Am I ignorant for not knowing. The dictionary says it means halo or something. If you watch Dragon Ball they call the cloud that Goku flies on the flying Nymbus.

Luna finally said that they live in Tokyo. They've been ignoring the fact that the show is in Tokyo for 72 episodes.

There are some slight differences from the original episode:
  • When Amy said she was memorizing 100 spanish words she was originally memorizing english words. Of course this joke would make no sense if dubbed accuratly.

  • Droid Animal Instinct is really called Dogma.

  • The kid didn't say that he wanted the blue kitten for many reasons. There was no blue kitten and even if there was he wouldn't really be blue. It like Amy's hair. Although it seems to be blue it just an exagerated way of showing a dark shade. At the ending of "Checkmate" you can see that Amy's hair is really a dark shade of brown. I still don't get Reenie's pink hair though.

  • In the english show Amy said the dog looked like her math teacher and Lita said it looked like her old boyfriend Matt. First of all Lita's old boyfriend's name in the english dub has been said to be Freddy in more than one episode. What was actually said is that Ami said it looked like her tutorial teacher (close enough), Rei said it looked like her grandfather and Makoto/Lita said it looked like her ex-boyfriend's grandfather.

  • When Emerald is looking for the Dark point a Dog wizzes on her leg. I don't know why this was cut out because there's another dog wizzing on her at the end of the episode.

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