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This page is about
episode 73 of Sailor Moon
"Lonely Amy"

The eigth new episode this year

The orginal japanese episode was episode
80 "Evil Halucinations. Ami in Isolation!"

This week's Sailor Says was taken from "An Unnatural Phenomenon" and "Last Resort". Yeah that means this is the 3rd time they reused this message. (Well reused twice to make a total of 3 times). "Jealousy can be a terrible monster..." It did have something to do with today's episode.

Ami's power was once again refered to as the aqua illusion power. It looks like they're gonna stick with it.

There are some slight differences from the original episode:
  • The Droid Miss Trust was originally called Giwak. I think that means illusion in japanese but I'm not sure.

  • They cut out a lot of the scene at the begining of the episode where Saphire is talking with Emerald. The original scene was a few minutes long and it was Emerald taking a bath and commenting on how nice her body was. Saphire came in to tell her she should be doing her job. When she plants the dark henge she's still wearing a bath robe. A scene at the end where she's in the bath again was also cut.

  • There's a lot of confusion about Amy's schooling in this episode. At first Serena said that she got the best grade in their class implying that Amy is in Serena's class. She's not. Later they said that Amy and all the brainwashed students were students of the Albert Einstein School for the gifted. This wasn't originally a school but a seminar or cram school. In japan they've got these for student to do extra studying, usually to prepare for their high school entrance exam which, to them, are a huge thing. Melvin and amy go to Jyuban school (know in english to be Crossroads junior high). Melvin is in Serena's class and Amy is in a different class.

  • After Lita/Makoto beat up all the other students Amy didn't tell her not to use violence. She just didn't want her to get concerned about her.

  • Once again they were refered to as Sailor Soldiers, by the Droid, which would be a more accurate translation of Sailor Senshi, the original name. The also said Sailor Scouts in this episode. Make up your mind.

  • When Usagi/Serena was being insulted by her friends they cut out an insult about her having small breast. If you pay attention you'll notice that she covers her chest when they're insulting her.

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