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This page is about
episode 68 of Sailor Moon
"The Secret of the Luna Sphere"

The third new episode this year

The orginal japanese episode was episode
75) "A mysterious new senshi Sailor Pluto appears."

This weeks Sailor says was reused from episode 2) "Talk Radio". "Day dreams are nice. Especially those about... food. Daydreams are cool alright." Something wierd about the sailor says of this episode. Although it was for episode 2 (ep #3 in japanese ep #2 having been omited for reasons unknown) there were clips which did not appear till much later in the series. There's a clip of Prince Darien (Endimyon) grabbing Princess Serena's (Serenity's) arm as she walks down a staircase. This clip is from episode 39) "The Past Returns" (aka 44- "Usagi's Awakening. A Message from the Distant Past). There was also a clip where they are rehersing for Snow White, Ann is there. This clip is from episode 50) "Mirror Mirror on the Wall". Another clip that's not from this episode is of Serena playing the Sailor V video game while Andrew (Motoki) is giving her advise. Her heart is pounding. This clip is from the real second episode which was never dubbed. (In the english show when Andrew appears for the first time Luna says "This is the one Serena likes so much" yet she's never met him. This is because Usagi/Serena did meet him in the lost episode).

I have noticed something in common about all three sailor says that have been used this year. None of them include Terri Hawkes as the voice of Sailor Moon. The come from, in order of this years apearance, episodes 6, 15 and 2. Terri Hawkes was in 12-13; 16-20; 22-68;

There was the first transformation of the other 4 sailor scouts (senshi) today. They kept the edited transformation sequences from the earlier episodes. Some "curves" where removed from Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus's transformations although Sailor Moon's transformation contained nothing deemed nude by the cencoring homeboys. New music combined with old was also used in the transformation scene. On the left is a clip of the Sailor Mars' original transformation and on the right is the edited canadian equivalent.

Sabrina Grdevich, the voice actress for Ann, did the voice for Sailor Pluto. She also did the voice of the Luna Ball (now called Luna P) in episode 61) "Naughty N' Nice". The actress who does Luna, Jill Frappier, did the voice of Luna Ball in episode 58) "Trouble comes Thundering down". Other roles by Sabrina Grdevich include Kathy (Jack's sister) in the second season of "Traders". (Terri Hawkes/Serena also apeared in the first season of "Traders" for which she was nominated for a Gemini for best guest star in a drama.) Sabrina Grdevich was also in this week's episode of "Dragonball Z" (Oct 5th) as Bulma's mother. She has also been in "Once a Thief" and "Sinbad".

There are some slight differences from the original episode:
  • The monster calls Reenie small lady. In the original episode he called her Rabbit.

  • There isn't really a monster that entered Reenie's mind. It's just the way that the dark crystal manifests itself on Reenie's dreams.

  • When Sailor Pluto first appears from the Luna P Serena said "You're the one Reenie calls Luna P." Originally Usagi/Serena said "You're the one ChibiUsa calls Pu." She had been calling out Pu in her sleep. (That's what she calls Sailor Pluto.)

  • Luna said "Artemis there's another Sailor Scout". This couldn't be further from the original line which is "Sailor Pluto, I think I've heard that name before." Sailor Pluto has been around protecting the Time door since the silver milenium.

  • Reenie said that her mommy told her that the "evil people" where using the power of the Dark Crystal to take over crystal Tokyo. Her mother could never have said this. Spoiler: When the "evil people" (Dark Moon) first attacked Queen Serenity had left the palace to go look for Small Lady (ChibiUsa/Reenie). Immediatly the 4 other senshi cover her in the crystal that she is currently envelopped in. She would never have had the time to tell Reenie about the Dark Crystal.(
  • When Serena wakes up in ChibiUsa's room she says "Must be back in the present" She didn't say this in the original episode because they never really left the present. They weren't really in the future. They were in Reenie's mind.

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