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This page is about
episode 69 of Sailor Moon
"Emerald Takes Over"

The fourth new episode this year

The orginal japanese episode was episode
76) "Power of the Evils! Invasion by Esmeraude"

69, get it, hi hi hi. How come no one else ever thinks that's funny?

This weeks Sailor says was reused from episode 29) "Sailor V makes the Scene". "I admit I love to eat..." Nothing really special about this sailor says. The voice of Sailor Moon was actually done by Terry Hawkes, like in the episode; however, Katie Griffin, the old voice of Sailor Mars was in this Sailor says but not in the episode. The clips came from 29) "Sailor V Makes the Scene" and 28) "Tuxedo Melvin" (The Power Rangers style monster, from the wacky world wrestlers, shooting what looks like brussel sprouts at Sailor Moon)

If you paid attention you might have noticed that when Sailor Mercury used her attack she said "Shine Aqua Illusion" instead of the habitual "Mercury Ice Storm Blast". The original japanese lines for all the attacks are different from the lines used in the canadian dubbed version. "Shine Aqua Illusion" was the original japanese version. I have no idea why they decided to keep this line for today's episode and not for any other. The most confusing thing is that they still translated Sailor Mars' "Burning Mantra" to "Mars Celestial Fire Surround". and Sailor Venus' "Venus Love Me Chain" to "Venus Love chain Encircle".

The music used at the begining of today's transformation sequence may have seemed new. It was the music that was used for the first transformation sequence in episode 1) "A Moon Star is Born". I don't know why but they never used that music again until now and I'm a pretty damned smart guy, attractive too.

There are some slight differences from the original episode:
  • In the english show Reenie asks Darien to buy him scicors, glue, and crayons. In the japanese version ChibiUsa asks Mamoru to buy her a notepad, erasers, and donuts.

  • The statues which Emerald uses to amplifie the dark power in the negative points are called "Dark Henges". Kinda like stone henge.

  • When Lita bumped into Emerald she said "I'm sorry" and then Emerald got mad for no reason. In the original episode Makoto (Lita) said sorry Oba-san. Oba-san is basically a more socially acceptable way to say "old lady" in japanese. Esmeraude took offense to this because it means she looks old.

  • In the restaurant Darien didn't say seems I gotta go when Reenie and Serena start fighting. He was supposed to say "It seems I've made a bad situation.

  • Raye never said that she saw someone sleeping on the job. The people who were sleeping were in the kitchen. Don't you think they would be a little more concerned if they saw that everyone had passed out.

  • Today's droid, Magipan, never said things like "Ready" and "Disguise", she just kept saying "Magipan" in true droid fashion. The're just not all that smart (I mean the Droids). I think it's good that they kept the original name despite the fact that it makes no sense.

  • Allthough earlier in the series they refered to them as Droids (Droid Hypnotica, Droid Jellax) in today's episode Magipan was said to be a Droido. In the japanese episodes it sounds like they say Droido but thats just the japanese accent. By that same reasoning Esmeraude would be Esmeraudo and the show would be called Seramun. I like accuracy in translation but this seems a little.

  • Serena/Usagi was never upset with Tuxedo Mask's confusing speech she simply didn't get it.

  • They never say that Magipan's centre is soft like jelly.

  • When Esmeraude confronts the Sailor Senshi at the end of the original episode she said that they had flat chests and flat hips. Jupiter responds "You should say good shapes oba-san" and she got chessed. If you look close at one point Sailor Moon covers her breasts in shame after Esmeraude disses her.

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