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This page is about
episode 67 of Sailor Moon
"Rubeus Strikes Out"

The second new episode this year

The orginal japanese episode was episode
74) "Go and beat up Rubeus! A Deadly Battle in Space"

This weeks Sailor says was reused from episode 15) "Dangerous Dollies" "Even the best friends have misunderstanding..." It's about Sammie having trouble apologising for breaking Mika's doll. Neither Sammie nor Mika where in this episode. The issue of apologising never even came up in this episode.

I have noticed something in common about all three sailor says that have been used this year (This one being the second). None of them include Terri Hawkes as the voice of Sailor Moon. The come from, in order of this years apearance, episodes 6, 15 and 2. Terri Hawkes was in 12-13; 16-20; 22-68;

New music was used in this episode. Its a variation of DIC's canadian music. I personally prefered the original japanese music but I respect the work they put into redoing the music.
Althought there is new music some of the original sound effects were kept: - Reenie's growling stomach - The clock ticking sound when Luna and Artemis were thinking of a plan - The sound when Sailor Moon looks at the earth from Rubeus' ship - The sound of Rubeus' power amplifier

At one point when Rubeus is looking in his mirror while talking to Emerald his arm is all screwed up. It look like the animation cells weren't well aligned. Naturally this is also in the japanese version.

This episode has the Stargate scene. When Rubeus' ship explodes doesn't it look like when Ra's ship explodes in Stargate. (In episode 39-"The Past Returns" aka 44-"Usagi's Awakening a Message from the distant past" When the moon kingdom is destroyed it looks like the white house exploding in ID4, also by Roland Emmerick. Could Roland Emmerick be a Sailor Moon fan?)

There are some slight differences from the original episode:
  • Reenie told Tuxedo Mask that this scary man snuk up on her. That didn't happen.

  • In the english version the reporter on TV said that they shouldn't panic about the UFO. Originally he said that many citizen's were concerned about possible effects.
  • When Luna and Artemis are shown dressed up as Reenie they didn't say "Try your hardest Ruby-doop, your never gonna catch me." They said "I'm the Rabbit, I'm the Rabbit"

  • In this episode Serena told Rubeus that it wasn't Reenie but her cousin Trini (Saber Tooth Tiger). In the original episode Rubeus refers to Reenie/ChibiUsa as the Rabbit. He doesn't know her as ChibiUsa (Chibi for small Usa short for Usagi. Her real name is Tsukino Usagi, like Sailor moon. Usagi means rabbit.) The original line was "This isn't the Rabbit. It's my cousin ChibiUsa". When Reenie's crescent moon apears on her forehead Serena screamed "Reenie" in the english version and this was what led Rubeus to believe that she was really Reenie. The real reason Rubeus discovered that it was the Rabbit is because he knows that she does the moonbeam thing.

  • Reenie never said that her pancakes had to be blueberry.

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