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2003 Bulletin:

(14 March) 1. Stanley Residents Assn has signed a 3 year contract with Circus Capital as the title sponsor. Press release will be uploaded soon. The official web site at will also be professionally re-designed. Professional PR and promotional company Octogon will soon liaise with all other sponsors for large scale promotion endeavor.

2. Our sponsor will provide service of team kids ( team uniform t-shirt design and production at discount rate ), please call our secretary if you are interested. Our sponsor will also call each team later .

3. Tentative Team List 2003 uploaded ( as of 11 April 2003, so far already 100 confirmed entries . Thank You for your support .)( Click to read)

(6March) Application forms and Entry Pack are now available on-line

(29/1 news) On top of the regular Dragon Boat Races at the Tuen Ng Festival in June,The organiser will stage again the "Short Course Invitational" on 1 May (Labour Day Holiday). Certain teams will receive invitation soon. ( Entry by invitation only )

(19/1)If you would like to receive the Regular Entry Pack 2003 (Tuen Ng Festival Races), just send to us your contact address by fax (contact name, organisation name, postal addresss, mobile phone no., email address, fax number, etc) , then we we can send to you "by fax/ post". All teams participated last year have been sent automatically in early January ( sent to team contact person) . Race date is 4 June, 2003 (Wed)

Your inbound correspondance to the organiser by fax / post will be handled faster then email. (except oversea correspondance )

Old - 2002 Bulletin :

(news 6/6) Race Schedule and Race Format have been uploaded ( jpg format, click bottom right corner to enlarge ). Line up at the start line as scheduled.

The following is a digest for the Team Managers Meeting on 1st June :

1. Please make sure you are familiar with the Race Rules and Racing Manual of this year and allow team members to circulate the documents. This will save everyone from lots of trouble and enquiries. Questions raised on certain rules ( steersman registration, bow line for starting procedure, drummers' seat and action, spare bailer and drum sticks, etc ) are all stipulated on the rule book and not to be repeated here.

2. Amentment of Manual : Team Manager / Captain of each team should report to the Beach Marshal Table "20 minutes" before his team's race.

3. If an organisation is sending 2 teams, the stronger team should be named as team A , and full athletes name lists of these teams should be sent to the secretariat in advance. For other teams, they only need to prepare the list in hand and only hand in to the Judgesl if instructed to do so.

4. All teams are welcome to provide "Team Profiles" (less than 200 words ) to facilitate commentating.

5. Any teams NOT able to send out the Race Day Steersman Advance Booking form and the cheque "BEFORE the 5th of June" should better NOT sent it, but rather pay cash on race day. This will reduce confusion and arguement as in last year. Faxed forms are not document of validation. Confirmed teams will have their names marked and disitnguished by asterisks on the score board.

6. Any teams hiring pleasure boats should opt for the pleasure boats' ausiliary boat for shuttling, instead of encouraging illegual sampans get into the race area unscrupously for soliciting passengers. The Marine Dept has indicated their intention to prosecure overloadingl

7. Prize Presentation for “Most-Outstanding-Outfit Teams will be around 3:00pm. Besides, all 1st round heats will have trophies presented right after each race.

8. a " large Race Number Board" will be set up on the finishing boat, or somewhere conspicious around the pier. Should not phone secretariat to make such enquiries and cause nuisance.

9. for those interested in hiring a booth should download the form prometly. All garbage should be picked up and thrown into the Link Road Gabbage Collection Point. Otherwise high tides at night will scatter the rubbish all over and make cleaning job in the next morning very difficult.

All sorts of performance from competitors are welcome. Please inform secretariat in advance. The performing stage for the Dragon Boat Festival Mini Concert will be will be set up at the Link Road Mini Carpark. Time 10:00 - 12:30, 1400: - 16:00.

There is another "Radio 3 Street Party" at Stanley Main Street organised by us from 18:00 till late.

(23/5/2002 news) download the Team Manager's Letter in MS-WORD format) download race schedule (rough txt file).

(20/5/2002 news)
1. Rules and Race Manual are revised on 20 May. Please download again and circulate !

2. Team Managers' Meeting to be held on 1st June (Saturday), 3:30 to 4:30p.m. at Stanley Main Beach (i.e. the location of the Official Stand ).. Team Managers will receive notification soon.

Special Event 5/5/2002 - Stanley Short Course Invitational Races - photos & impression ready

1. ( 23/3/2002) Team Memo - all teams who have applied for the training sessions will receive a confirmation time table together with this letter (Ref: Steersman, Trainer Booking and Pre-race Practise ) ( read pdf format)

2. anyone not with a team but want to join the race can register at our Club House Cafe. We may pool you together for a special team.

3. For those who are notified of the "Stanley Short Course Invitation Races" to be held on 5 May 2002 [happened to be the chinese commeration day for Tin Hau's Birthday], please return the entry form by 10 April. First come first serve. Only teams of good performance will be invited.

Huge 20 feet banner at New Market Strreet, Stanley :

Souvenir Programme 2002 [ front cover ]


2001 Event News:

6/16: Team lists of Launching Invitation Race on 17/6/2001 at 14:00

(2001/6/7) 1. To ensure a save and smooth competition day, You are cordially invited to attend the Pre-race (Team Managers) Meeting to be held at 3:30 to 4:30p.m. on Sunday 17 June,2001 at Stanley Main Beach (i.e. the location of the Official Stand).

New rules and new system of play, etc. will be briefed.

2. Please bring along with your Team Membership Card for the Event to pick up your complementary copies of the Race Brochure. Please also bring with you the Race Manual which we sent to you in mid May for reference.

3. At 2:00pm on 17th June, right before the Team Managers Meeting there will be a eye-dotting ceremony for the 10 newly built boats and a small invitation race is to be staged. Only specific long supporting teams will be invited to race.

4. Please be reminded that our web page (http:www is a good resource for members of your team to get useful information for the race . Pls encourage them to browse it.

* (20015/15) Please note that race rule #6.11 has been slightly revised, and differ slightly from that printed on the booklet being distributed. Printouts on the Race Programme should be finalised version.

*Over booked with 137 "confirmed" entries (in Mid May) which exceeds our original ceiling of 130. Thank you, thank you everyone ! Hurray ! This is a new record!!! Team List updated, please check spelling, if there is no Chinese name yet, pls submit "as soon as possible" by fax. (@ 6th June 143 entries.)

*It is found recently that some unauthorized individuals openly solicit for service at the beach during our official practice hours. This causes annoyance to our training teams. If such circumstances is encountered, please inform the organizer or field-officers-in-charge for immediate actions to be taken.

*(2001/5/11) Our site has permenantly moved to www.

* Post-event Carnival and concert will be staged at Main Street Pedestrian area - better to have more time and fun in Stanley than caught in outbound traffic jam. The bus terminus at Stanley Plaza (Level 5) is also a good alternative for in and outging transport.

Race Leaflets (2 pages, Adobe Acrobat PDF ) for download: English, Chinese

2. Make sure you have read the
Race Manuel & Rules (2001) "carefully"- it will save you lots of trouble /enquiries.
We will give out each team one copy of this document at the beach during your practice at weekends.

Health notes & advice for paddlers - please read and do more stretching!

(2001/4/24) Chief Officiating Guest this year: Commissioner of Police, Mr YP Tsang.

Special announcement(13/4/01): - amateur radio and Slow Scan TV worldwide transmission on race day by VR2HAM- stay tuned !

Web page revised at last. Most documents/ forms are post up, more pictures / info uploaded for your enjoyment (2001/2/10)

Your views and input welcome.

_____________2001 Sourvenir Programme

Team Memo (2000 bulletin)

*With 131 teams taking part, the Stanley event in year 2000 has been successfully held on 6th June, 2000. Thank you most sincerely for your support and participation. Hope to see you again next year. ** view newspaper coverage

* The coming Tuen Ng Festival (5th day of the 5th Month in Lunar Canlender) will be on 25th June 2001(Monday). Early entry is recommended.

* Prepare for serious shortage of parking space in Stanley area on race day and outbound traffic jam after the race till 19:00 or so.

* No spectator boats should be moored at the North side of the course, should moor near the Sea School Pier.

* From this year onwards, each steersman can only race of ONE team, i.e. the team specified in his registration for the year. (Steersman registration and assessment form)

* When the red flag is hoisted on Stanley Main Beach. NO PRACTICES WILL BE PERMITTED. Before starting for practices, please phone Stanley Beach Office. ( Tel: 2813 0217 )


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