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(1) Links ( Assn / resources )

* RTHK's webcast of the Stanley event 2001 long video clips

* Hong Kong Dragon Boat Assn.
"" web site
http://www.hkdba.com.hk ( 4/ 2002 replace all old sites, include info for events and hk team )

* Hong Kong Dragon Boat Assn.
old" web site, with HK International Invitation event info included (uploaded in May 2000, attached to Home page of HK Sports Development Board, still one English page only) http://www.hksdb.org.hk/nsa/dragonboat/index.html

* Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association (very old webpage) [ one English page only as a supplement of Alvin's site in SF, info outdated]

* Hong Kong International Dragonboat Festival (HK Tourist Assn) [English only ! with video clips ]

*HK Amateur Dragon Boat Association (Web page Under construction)
- focus on training and coach development. Send teams for oversea events
The Assn has been arranging a 20km dragon boat relay marathon in Sep / October every
year and it will be the 8th Oct for 2001 and it attracted around 10 to 15 teams every year.

* International,European & British Dragon Boat Federation (http://www.dragonboat.com) - with rules and event calendar

* Malaysia China Town Homepage (Simplified Chinese text) (festival culture)

*Taiwan Government's Information Services
http://www.gio.gov.tw/info/festival_c/dragon/dragon.htm (Chinese text)-comprehensive cultural background info with nice short video clip

* San Diego's Chinese Community Homepage (provides cultural background info)

DRAGONBOATCANADA.com ( Dragon Boat Racing Council of Canada)
Well researched site . Some valuable info about Mainland China, Hong Kong and Stanley events, as well as international news, safety, techniques and Olympic prospects. Discussion forum provides good insights.

* Alvin's International Dragon Boat Racing Homepage (http://www.alvin.org/dragon/)
[once the most detailed dragonboat racing website, but seems not been updated and being replaced by the following one :]

***** (http://www.dragon-boat.net/)(Alvin has been the editor of international email NEWSLETTER and has built up an e-group and a new international dragon boat network page (To subscribe such an unmoderated free discussion group and receive email dispatches on dragon boating, send email to dragonboat2000-subscribe@onelist.com. You can ask questions of some of the top Dragon Boat experts in the World).

* Polish Dragon Boat Federation (http://www. dragonboat.pl /)
NEWly built: claims to be trying to build the most comprehensive bank
of web links ] (Eng/ German) (Has compiled a email list of world contacts of more than 400 )

* United States Dragon Boat Federation (http://www.usdbf.com/page6.html) - International rules of DragonBoating

* Greater Toronto Dragon Boat Festival (http://www.dragonboats.com)

* California Dragon Boat Association (http://www.dragonboat.org/)

*Autralian DragonBoat Festival (http://www.dragonfestival.au.com)
(origanised by the Chinese Youth League of Sydney; event staged at the Sydney International Regatta Centre at Penrith- the rowing site for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games - view photo gallery)

* Story of Qu Yuen -Chinese Culture, "Shanghai on Internet" (http://www.sh.com/culture/legend/poet.htm)

* Chinese Calendar - Official Festival date (up to year 2015)

* festivals.com global search list of festival events [key in "dragon boat" to search]

2005 links:


2002 links:
Site focuses on USA and Canada Dragonboat teams, club crews, Races &
Festivals including a large International compliment. The history page
introduces Qu Yuan and the cultural relevance to the Chinese community.
(Good info resources )

* The World of Chinese Culture [ Dragon Boat]
-site of Overseas Chinese Commission (Taiwan Government) -
Highly Recommended to see Taiwanese Style DragonBoats / traditions related [ wonderful Movie clips ]
Origin 2. Activities

* www.hisport.net.tw -
good picture and articles ( tradition, structure, and rules about dragon boating in Taiwan (regrettably chinese only)

* The 3rd China Yangtze River International Dragon Boat Relay
(39 km, May 1-2,2002) Yichang City, Hubei Province, I DBF Sanctioned
the longest distant event in the world

in conjunction with :
The 2002 Wanfohu Lake (Ten-thousand Buddha Lake) International Dragon Boat Tournament
(500m, May 6-7,2002) Shucheng County, Anhui Province
entry info ( WORD document , bilingual )

* The 25th Anniversary Penang International Dragon Boat Festival 2003

will be held in the brand new Teluk Bahang Dam that is situated at the north-western tip of Penang Island, Malaysia in 2003-06-07 and -08. www.penangdragonboat.com

2003 special feature:

Special style of Dragonboat Festival in Guizhou Province (Miao Ethnic Minority Group), Southwest China:

>>more links of this topic in our Chinese page

(2) Technical

* San Francisco Bay Area Dragon Boat Racing Club - www.bayareadragons.org
Another good stuff of Alvin; - Do not miss the
article about STEERING basics

*Cape Town Paddlesnappers - paddling techniques

(3) Team Retrospection :

* AT&T Crushers (Memory of Race 1997) http://www.gojp.com/dragonboat/

( your team memories /links welcome .
If no reply is sent from us after one week, please send again)

(4) World News / Clip from E-group :

(2001.8.1 news)Phillidelphia World championship webcast in August 2001
from Aug2-5 [Realplayer video afterwards]


Webcast site - click on dragon

(31.7.2001 egroup )

I know you are thinking. I wish I could see the races in Philly.
However, it is far away. Now you can see it via webcast. It is be
delayed by 30 minutes but that is better than flying :)

(27.7.2001 egroup) OLYMPIC PETITION site : http://www.dragonboat2008.org.uk/

(5) Know more about HONG KONG :

- Maps:

* http://www.stanleyplaza.com (with tourist map)

* Map of Stanley (http://www.hkta.org/map/stanley.html/)
Hong Kong Tourist Association's site [ from 2001 onwards renamed and upgraded as HK Tourism Board ]-

* Hong Kong CityMap (http://www.hkcitymap.com/) (Lands DepartmentInteractive digitised HK maps)
=(yellowpages) "ypmap.com" - With Photo Gallery of Stanley features

* Heritage Links about Stanley

- Others:

* Hong Kong Observatory Homepage (http://www.info.gov.hk/hko/)

* HK Interactive Government Services Directory (http://www.igsd.gov.hk/)

* Hong Kong Public Transport Homepage (http://www.hkpt.com/)

* St. Stephen's College, Stanley [will soon become gazetted community heritage]

* VR2HAM- (http://www.qsl.net/vr2ham/) - Lots of photo for Stanley Dragon Boat Races 2001, 02, plus Hong Kong International 2002. On-site Amateur HAM radio boadcast and Slow Scan TV worldwide transmission on race day Stanley 2001 .

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