Sponsorship for
building New boats/ Advertisement / Booth Rental/ Hyperlink ...

Supporting a sports event of a traditional festival improves image of your corporation.
The Stanley Dragon Boat Races need your support

Building new boats: (HKD50,000/boat, aiming at 8 or 9 this yr. [ Sponsoring organisation will have the logo print on the boats and its team can enjoy 10 more extra free practise hours and exempted from entry fee for 2 yr] )

Program bouchure : A4 full page color (HK$4000), b/w full page ($1500), back cover ($8,000) [NO need to submit the film]

Trophies, banners, flags ......

Other sponsorship proposals welcome ! contact us.


Stanley Residents Association Ltd

96 Stanley Main Street Stanley HK

 Tel: 28130564  Fax: 2813 5704
www.dragonboat.org.hk  Email: dragonboat@hongkong.com


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Dear Sir/Madam


Stanley Dragon Boat Races - Sponsorship for Program/ booth rental/ sponsor dragon boats

The Stanley Residents Association holds a festival of dragon boat racing on the Tuen Ng Holiday every year at Stanley Main Beach. Over the past years this has proved to be an extremely popular day for expats and the local Chinese citizens. This year the festival will be held on Wednesday 4 June. Last year, we received amazingly 142 entries. We now invite the participation of your team/ organization in the form or sponsorsing advertisement, booth rental or adopting new boats.

The colourful souvenir programme brochure will be approximately 50 pages. It will be sent to all participating teams free of charge, and be sold on the race day. The press, as well as some other concerned organizations, and government departments will also receive  copies. 1,000 copies will be printed. Advertising space is now available for the modest cost of HK $1,500 a full-page (A4) in black and white or HK $4,000 in colour.

Beside, we are also offering booths rental and on-line advertisement service. Please fill out the form attached and fax / post back.

The sheer size of the event needs your support to maintain. Our sponsorship package is designed to attract many of the regular participating teams to allow them much greater use of the boats for recreation and sporting purpose for their organisation. We would also name one of the boats after the company or organisation thus giving very visible exposure to over 10,000 competitors and spectators during the races. The sponsor package is outlined below.

Cost of Sponsorship per Dragon Boat HK$50,000

Sponsorship Entitles a Team to the following benefits:

                   1. Entry fee waived for 2 years.

                  2. 10 hours of extra training sessions for 2 Years during the official training period.

                  3. Large Company or Organisation logo/name displayed on the Dragon Boat.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 2813 0564 or fax at 2813 5704.


Yours sincerely

Wong Kam-chuen, Alson (Mr)

Race Director



Stanley Dragon Boat Races


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 TO:  Stanley Residents Assn (Fax:28135704)

(Form A) Sponsorship for Building New Boats         
We are very interested in Sponsoring______ Dragon Boat(s)(@HK$50,000) = HK$_____

Organisation  :__________________________________________

Address :_________________________________________________

Name :______________________________

Authorised Signature and chop:_____________




*The Cheques should be made payable to "Stanley Residents Association Ltd." and crossed.




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TO:  Stanley Residents Assn (Fax:28135704)

(Form B) Advertisment Booking Form - for Programme 2002

             for Stanley Dragon Boat Races

                           Deadline   :2002/4/20

       Team Name:                                             Team Code:
       Company Name   :

        Contact Person  :  		    Fax : 		Tel :	

        Number Of Pages At   :							
        HK$1,500 @ full page BLACK & WHITE:                    
        HK$4,000/COLOUR full page or $8000 @back cover :               
                     (204mmx286mm+3mm Bleed)
	             (The positive film and a 4 colour proof )

        Authorised Signature And Chop :	




*The Cheques should be made payable to "Stanley Residents Association Ltd." and crossed.





(C) Booth Rental - at the beach during the Race :	
        HK$2,000 @ Booth ( W10'X L12'X H12' Bamboo-constructed with canvas top)						

          Team Name :                              
          Team Code (assigned by organiser):
          Company Name  :	                        
          Contact Person   :  						
                       Fax :			                Tel :								

	   Authorised Signature And Chop :

          *The Cheques should be made payable to "Stanley Residents Association Ltd." and crossed.			


(NEW SERVICE )Response from participants reveals that the team lists in our web page increase their exposure and requests were received.We are now providing this service with a minimal charge of HK$200/link/year. Sponsorship for the race homepage from local firms also welcome (Corporate logo on the front page @ $500/year, plus another $400 for a hyperlink; half price for other pages).


Application for Hyperlink/ On-line Ad

[_____] Hyperlink fee for “Team” Name (per year)  HK$200
[_____] Hyperlink fee for “organization” Name (per year) HK$200  
[_____] Corporate logo on the front page (per year)HK$500
[_____] Hyperlink fee for corporate logo on the front page (per year)HK$400
[_____] corporate logo on the other page (per year) HK$250

 Contact person  :_____________________Fax:____________Tel:________________

 Hyperlink to URL : ___________________________________________________

  * Please tick appropriate box. 
  * The cheques should be made payable to “Stanley Residents Association Ltd.” and crossed.
  * Registered charitable organizations may request for fee waived.

   Authorized Signature and Chop:


Contact : Ms Connie Cheng

Stanley Residents Assn.(Registered Non-profit making org.),96, Stanley Main Street, Stanley, HK
Tel: 28130564 Fax: 28135704

www.dragonboat.org.hk Email: dragonboat@hongkong.com