What's so special about the Stanley Event?

1. The only DB event with global live broadcast all the way through
(RTHK Radio 3 - in the last 10 years or so on AM567 or for Stanley area on FM106.8 stero )
 - On-line audio broadcast through the internet in 1999,
 additional on-line live tv webcast in year 2000
* RTHK's webcast of the Stanley event 2001 long video clips 
2.  Most countries represented - you can find peddlers from all the continents and    
   they add up to out-number any other local events of the festival.

3. Largest in scale- largest number of participating teams in HK (143 teams record 
   high in 2001, 130 teams  in 1996 & 2000, 126 in 1997, 120 in 1998, 121 in 1999).
   One of the largest one-day regattas in dragon boat history in the world.

4.  Thickest flavour of carnival.
5  Most corporate teams participating.

6  The best sand and beach setting on the festival day- paddling in the famous Tai 
   Tam Bay which is embraced by The Shek O and Red Hill Peninsulars -  
   Enjoy your so-called "dragonboat swim" anytime in Stanley Main Beach.

7 The first and only district DB event in HK with an informative official web site, 
  which is proudly to be fully bilingual. 

8. Bilingual Presentation - all team info sent out and announcements in both Chinese and English.

9. Ten sessions total 10 hours of pre-race practice.  


To hear & watch RTHK (Radio 3)'s on-line global Live Broadcast on race day,
click here --> > http://www.rthk.org.hk/

Press Release of Organizer and RTHK

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