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Subject: [dragonboats] Olympic Dragon Boat Petition
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 06:52:23 -0000
From: dragonboat@alvin.org
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OLYMPIC PETITION site : http://www.dragonboat2008.org.uk/


subject: [dragonboats] db news
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 18:51:52 -0000
From: dragonboat@alvin.org
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Beijing wins the Olympics
It has sort of become the concensus that DB racing will not become
part of the Olympics until China wins due to the large number of athletes. For China, I think it would actually
be a plus. They are cost insensitive and there would be prestige in holding the biggest Olympics ever. The IOC
is trying to limit the number of athletes because it is getting too expensive.

A friend has been in contact with the Chinese DB association. They are upset that the China Olympic Committee
is leaning toward a martial art as the demonstration sport.

[ 北京申奧多語官方網頁:
www.beijing-2008.orgwww.beijing-olympic.org.cn ]

Some valuable info about Olympic prospects in DRAGONBOATCANADA.com (Dragon Boat Racing Council of Canada). "Discussion forum" also provides good insights.

Misunderstanding between IDBF and Int'l Canoe Union on Olympic standings :
龍舟界與獨木舟 (皮划艇) 之間有關奧運身份的瓜葛

1. 國際龍舟聯合會秘書長致國際獨木舟聯合會各代表的公開信

open letter from Mason Hung, Secretary General - IDBF (2000-05-12 )

2. 國際龍舟聯合會會長的回應

Response from IDBF President, Mike Haslam

3. 運動員的心聲 Alvin's View 2002/8


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