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Boat Specification

Eeach factory will produce boats with slight differences in specification, especially those made with traditional Chinese craftsmanship (Traditonally masters should do without a black and white plan). Thus boats from different regional events will differ. The following specification for standard "medium size" boats is merely for your reference and reprinted from publications of the HKDBA for local and international championships. Boats in Stanley Races are medium ones. It is not uncommon to see "big size" (50 people) dragon boats for fishermen races in other districts or "small dragons" (8 paddlers+1 steerer, mostly made of fibreglass) for ladies. (Foreign teams usually call it "baby dragon boat") . Occasionally in Mainland China may even see bigger boats for exhibition races.

Dragon Boat
* Material: Teak wood
* Length: 11.66 m (38'10")
* Width: 1.06 m (3'6")
* Depth: 43.18 cm (17")

Dragon Boat Head & Tail
* Material: Camphor wood
Length: between 105-130cm
Blade width G<18cm
Handle width (T grip)G10cm


Sketch picture in South Africa Dragon Boat Assn site


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comparing with hk boats

in editor's note #3 in origin of the Festival
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