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Hong Kong's largest local Dragon Boat event !

World's one of the Largest !

Organised by Stanley Residents Assoicaion, Hong Kong
96, Stanley Main Street, Stanley, Hong Kong Tel:(852)2813 0564 , 2813 2586 Fax:28135704

Email: dragonboat@hongkong.com

How can you miss the scene of 150 crews racing togethre !
Be quick if you have not registered.


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Global live wedcast since 2000 by
RTHK Radio 3

The event at Stanley (Cantonese "Chek Chu") has a history no shorter than any other community with a fishing village background in HK. It has gradually developed to become the largest local event and one of the world's largest . With 140 + teams cheering and paddling at the beach which is special on its own right as a originally Chinese conmmunity with so much European small town flavour, together with the international friendship brought forth by the race, and so much specialities and our contribution to the tourist industry, how can we find a reason not to share it with you. For the last 2 decades RTHK has been broadcasting the event live in radio and starting from 1999 the technology of internet push the event to become more international on-line.

The race is held at Tuen Ng Festival day (in Mandarin Chinese as "Duen Wu ") every year as an one-day event. The boats are wooden medium-size ones and basically race with the international regulations.

Division is our specialty. We have only the experiate and Chinese in men's group, but no division in ladies . The 3 divisions have their own cup and plate competitions . Race History will tell you more about this.

Dragon boat racing first started as an activity to drive away the devils and then to conmemorade the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, but now has developed into an international sporting scene well received by athletes East and West with its own world championship and gorvening bodies, information on the Internet is also blooming. However,it is a pity that few Chinese websites can provide serious research on the festival's origin and forklore, which has mostly been
forgotten and distorted in modern society's reductionism. This is another driving force for us to take action. Please visit our
Legned Research Room and Chek Chu--Our Heritage.

You are most welcome to come to witness the mega event or write to us.

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