Stanley Dragon Boat Races : on Tuen Ng Festival Day

Everyone welcome !
Organizer: Stanley Residents Association.
              96, Stanley Main Street, Stanley, Hong Kong.

              Fax: 2813 5704
              Tel: 2813 0564

 NOTE: (1)

If you would like to receive the "complete Entry Pack" (14 pages), just send to us your contact address by fax (contact name, organisation name, postal address, mobile phone no., email address, fax no, etc) , then we we can send to you "by fax / post". Early January every year, all teams participated last year will receive it automatically ( sent to team contact person) .



JOIN THE RACE ? Better be quick, places will be filling up quickly.

Please fill in the forms clearly with your TEAM NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS.
(AVOID ABREVIATIONS) "MUST "include both Chinese + English Team Names.
CAREFULLY CHOOSE THE CATEGORY which cannot be changed afterwards.

3 categories only
- Expatriate Men's, Chinese Men's, Ladies (sorry, no category for mix teams)

Event Date: 2005/6/11 (Saturday)

Course Length: 300 metre

Equipment: all provided by the organiser (during practice and race)
with no extra charge

[ except life jackets ]

Championships Entry Pack 2005
Download forms > return (fax/post) ASAP:

Document Part 1

- entry invitation Letter for Championships (Tuen Ng Festival )

-Remarks for Entries ( back page for entry form R )

-MEMO (1) -Practice Booking ,Steersman, Trainer Booking & Extra Practice

- Sponsorship / booth rental

-Seeding Chart 2005

Document Part 2

- Entry form
- 10 free practice and time table
- extra practice and time table

Document Part 3

- price list 2005



Document Part 4

-Carbon/Kavlar Paddle - Product Data

Document Part 5

- Entry form for extra event (Stanley Short Course Invitational 2005)

Document Part 6

Extra event (Short Course Invitational )- Invitation Letter



Extra Important Information :

- Steersman Registration /Test 2004-7 (F) (PDF)

Dragon Boat Model - product details/ order form (PDF)



( old ) Entry Pack 2003
Download forms > return (fax/post) ASAP:

Old Entry invitation Letter
old Top Team List

About Pre-season special Training (Letter and Form E)

Entry Form (excel file) [ Form R ]
About Practice package & address label( Letter for D)
Book free practice sessions( Form D)(weekdays,weekends/holiday) in season and pre-season (excel file )

Steersman Registration /Test (F) (PDF)
  Sponsorship ( Forms A, build new boats) ( Forms, B, C- advert, booth )

Hire a Booth


Some forms in this website are created by " Adobe Acrobat 4.0" (PDF).
Please download the latest version of the "freeware" Acrobat Reader 
if forms cannot be read.

special event (Short Course Invitational) again


Due to the risk of injury to competitors, damage to dragon boats and disruption of the racing programme caused by inexperienced steersmen not holding proper course, the organizer has introduced a system of testing and registering steersmen. During race and practise only those registered should steer.

Old card holders whose card was issued before 2000 and those with his card lost should also download the form and renew the card with the cheque sent . CARDS ARE VALID TILL 2003 untill further notice.



Notice for OVERSEAS ENTRY 2003

- as a response to increasing international enquiries

- only valid for geniune oversea teams (maybe on their way to HKDBA's International Race one week afterwads) with original team name intact, as Regular Entry

- exemption from steersmen registration/accessment
team booth free
- souvenir programmes (race publication)and gift pack (2 options: T-shirt or paddles) to be given to each team member
- training between Stanley and HKDBA events can be booked at special rate.

- contact the secretariat by email :
- passport/ flight ticket check or HKDBA athlete cards may need to be verified

NB. the organizer will NOT host accommodation and travel, but will assist in several ways: e.g. liaise with hotel and airline sponsors,
find student helper/ volunteer liaison officer or help you book tour bus and lunch/dinner on your expenses (without service charge from our side).

NOT VALID FOR LOCAL EXPAT TEAMS or oversea teams with local sponsor's name !




Read other details in Team Memos / Bulletin 2004 (updated frequently )

Download "Racing Manual" & "Rules" (updated 2002/2/2) [ to be revised soon ]

Calendar - Official Festival date (up to year 2015)

download Race Leaflets : Chinese , English version (A4 x 2 pages, PDF )


For latest news, please visit our new site:

Anyone not with a team but wants to join the race can register at our Club House Cafe. We may pool you together for a special team.