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The X-Files Fan Club Of Australia

Home grown!

The XFFCA is actually a snail mail fanzine (founded by fans, run by fans, written by fans, for fans), and although their members are primarily in Australia, they readily welcome members from overseas.

Locked Bag 1013 [seriously!]
Flemington, VIC
Australia 3031.


What you get:
"Upon joining, members receive six issues of the club's bi-monthly publication, THE FIELD JOURNAL; membership card and membership certificate." The big deal is the Field Journal (FJ).

What you pay:
Within Australia
- Single Per Year, $17.00
- Family Per Year, $25.00
Overseas Rates
- Single Per Year, $35.00
- Family Per Year, $50.00
All amounts are in Australian dollars. A "family" membership means up to (I think) 4 people join and all receive individual membership cards and numbers, but only one FJ is delivered (to only one address, too, so don't think about joining with a bunch of mates).

ENQUIRIES about membership can be sent to the club address with a SSAE (stamped self addressed envelope).

A BACK ISSUE is a good way of finding out whether or not you'd like to join XFFCA. The cost per back issue is AUS $5.00 (including postage). ONLY THE FOLLOWING BACK ISSUES ARE CURRENLTY AVAILABLE: 1 - 18. (They are currently up to #23.) Get a recent one as it will give you a better idea of what the club is currently like. They accept cheques and money orders (in Aussie dollars, I imagine).
Order back issues at:
Field Journal Order
The X-Files Fan Club of Australia
Locked Bag 1013
Flemington, VIC
Australia 3031.

Why am I doing this??

You might think its a bit strange to be doing this for the XFFCA. Not really. I have been a member for 2 years now and it's fantastic. I LOVE IT!! The FJ is often funny and always entertaining. The spoilers are up-to-date and tidbits interesting (for those of us who can't be bothered to check out everyone of the 1,286,567 links you get when you type "X-Files" into your search engine). It's strictly Australian made (yay!) and is value for money, rather than the rip-off "pay-us-$50-a-year-and-we'll-send-you-two-magazines-with-no-exclusives-that-you-could-have-brought-from-the-newsagent-for-fifteen-bucks" official club. At least, that's in Australia.
I am extremely grateful to all the Executive at XFFCA, because they have even been wonderful enough to print some X-Filian things I have written! Where is their taste, you may scoff. Well there is light where they make their judgements, because while my ego has been momentarily bruised at the rejection of some writing I have submitted, I realize in hindsight that their good judgement has meant that I end up with a better reputation (?) than I really deserve. A harsh editor is a writer's meanest but most important friend. (MASSIVE HINT TO SHIPPIE FANFICCERS!) So thanks to all @ XFFCA for letting me spout my crap occasionally. I am sure many other members feel the same way - if you have a comment about the XFFCA, be it good or (gasp!) bad, e-mail me and let me know, I'll post it up here. If you have any questions about the FJ or the XFFCA that I haven't answered here, just ask.

I'm sure they'd appreciate me putting this here:
"The Field Journal is a work of information and review written for and by, this fan forum on The X-Files. The X-Files Fan Club of Australia does not intend any infringement of copyright or trademark held by the Fox Broadcasting Company, Ten-Thirteen Productions, Delphi, Haven or Photon Productions, or any other copyright or trademark holder, or liscensee. The X-Files Fan Club of Australia is a non-profit organisation and supports on a national basis: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Animals; and in Victoria: The Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria. The X-Files Fan Club of Australia is not sanctioned by the FOX Broadcasting Company or Ten-Thirteen Productions.
"The views expressed by writers in The Field Journal do not reflect the opinions of the Executive or any sort of official policy held by this club."

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