TIME LINES: Talking To Future Selves
My trip to another reality on June 7th 2003
by Misty

Continued from TIMELINES: How They Operate, Part One

2003 SELF....... OK, are you sure you want me to tell you about the future in which I exist now, from this moment in time you are connecting to now? Are you going to ask this 'me' you have encountered living in your future, another time, to again give another forecast, when I am not on the escalator?

1997 SELF....... NO - I will continually ask you to tell me from at this single point you name in time, on this day we meet June 7 2003, during the months ahead, so you will feel more than one urge to give me this information NOW. I need it now. Please don't project sentimentality on me for New Zealand now while you are visiting Scotland, when I am still living here in New Zealand in your past, because you should not be attached to a piece of land. The world is your home enjoy it all, especially while you are out and about traveling it. It is materialism to be attached to a piece of land and we are citizens of the universe. The only reason you are looking back, is because you remembered seeing Billy Connelly on TV in Auckland, riding this same escalator in Glasgow and it has made you long for home, with your emotions travelling in time to me, but I ask you to enjoy Scotland for me who is dying to travel OK? (When I saw the escalator in the shopping center, on the TV program, I knew that I would travel on that same one myself in the future, so the images synchronised and I caught a glimpse of the future, which flashed back through the TV.)

2003 SELF....... I love Scotland. I keep asking you to tell me if today, the day you saw me through the TV, is the day you REALLY want to know from, because you are so insecure then, that you are likely to spot another time this deja vu happens and decide that time is also valuable to know. If I get on the escalator again, I'll be completely confused, which is why I'm asking you to name this day only, not another time. You must promise that you won't project to me again, as this is making me feel in danger even sending back the future. I feel I am overwhelmed by spiritual forces coming all at me, and that my heartbeat will become irregular in an anxiety attack. If you don't name NOW, as my point of reference, I can't use the escalator again, without breaking the timetunnel which passes through the TV. So I'm telling you now from the future, that you asked for RIGHT NOW, ie TODAY, so don't ask again otherwise I'll get confused and won't be able to feed you the right information. It must be from one moment in time to another, unbroken. It will take an enormous amount of energy to make this a panorama and this is the only time I will deliver it to the past, because I am sick of you always projecting your insecurities of doom and gloom onto my enjoyment of now, from your worrisome past. Promise you'll never ask again for the future, to another point before or after this very day? I will send it to you, to stop your phobias reaching me once and for all. You keep making time tunnels as it is and I only want one time tunnel to the past, because I am sick of getting your money problems filtering into my now. They don't last OK - would you be traveling around if you had money problems forever? NO! So your Sembe book does get published and it even sells. You have enough money now so stop worrying!

1997 SELF....... I promise I will accept that we can eat in future and can travel and actually buy things and so won't project it onto you further. Sorry. I will never ask you again for the future, other than from now, as I watch the TV, to your few minutes on the escalator. But I MEAN NOW. Please don't forget to give me an overview, this is absolutely important that I know now because I have fog about the future and there are too many worrisome options. Please make sure you do a year's previous events that you have experienced, so I know it really happened for at least a year or so because I don't want to get worked up over nothing. I'm sick of getting geared up for some event which never happens, that other people have predicted. Just tell me the events that you really think have occurred as a continuation from this timeline, which originates from this minute. And that you still believe are happening as a true future, which you believe has actually occurred and is still occurring to you now. Think of the whole time you spent in Auckland as a panorama and please anchor yourself to me, in MY now to get a good link to me, rather than a flash on the escalator. First of all how real are you existing in the future? I can feel your emotions and can feel you are actually me, as a continuation of now, although I do think all things are subject to change at a moment's notice. How do I know whether what you say has any real possibility, in relation to other futures that COULD also project into my present?

2003 SELF talking to 1997 SELF, with a new 1999 SELF chipping in.......Well, the only thing you can do is keep in contact with me over the years in-between this moment in time and ask me now how many deja vus I have had on this escalator, from all the times over the years you have decided to keep asking me from your now to my now. If it is a continuous asking every few months, insisting that you really believe that TODAY June 7 2003, is the ultimate day you are still hoping to know from, then it may come about. I can assure you that you could not care less what I tell you, a few years from this time you FIRST asked and INSISTED that you will never ask to reach another point in time, that isn't June 7th 2003. You even said in a couple of years - don't tell her, it is completely valueless what you told her in 1997, so say nothing and that this can't be guaranteed to even be true. OK, so you have actually found some other means to know the future, a couple of years from now. Either you have another way of seeing events ahead and you don't think what I'm about to say is going the be the only truth, or you have realized, in a couple of years that the future is not carved in stone and cannot be read as absolute.

1997 SELF and 1999 SELF together as one.......OK I get the message that in a couple of years from 1997, my ability to know the future does not originate from just myself experiencing it and and I have a better understanding of the future (which does not rely on what you have told me now as gospel), for a guide and in fact only sees it as 'one' option. Then I will not expect this as the absolute truth, even though you are going to great pains to get it right and project from 2003 to 1997, exactly as it happened. Because there is a change in me which later perceives the future as out of human hands and under Divine Control and whatever HAS happened, is because of man and now, from when you are telling me - the future will not be of man's making anymore. So from a couple of years from the time I asked 1997 self, to the time you said I asked you to tell me, it doesn't matter what happens and forget that idea of deja vus, I have some other way of knowing until the time that you say, that the affairs of the world are now out of mankind's hands. Then really what you are saying is that we have only four years in which to do any damage, before we don't have any say anymore - our power is taken away to decide the earth's destiny.

2003 SELF talking to 1997 SELF and 1999 SELF....... What I'm saying is that YOU, after a couple of years, in 1999, actually told ME from ANOTHER source (which was a vision from God of Jan 4 2005), what the future was and not to say what I see now to your 1997 self. Because it's only a POSSIBILITY on a timeline, that originates from 1997, which was expected as a reality for two years and then DISMISSED AS WORTHLESS by a 1999 self. This 1999 self told me in 2003, to be silent on the future altogether. This 1999 self tried to control me. But I in turn was controlled by a stronger 2005 self, which overrode the 1999 self and told me to indeed tell you, as she told me in 2003 what to say to you in 2003! One thing is for sure, I can guarantee that you will go to Glasgow and find out about your ancestors, because you will be going this way and are driven to find out the details. However I cannot tell you by what transport you used to get there, as strangely, my mind goes blank on this. The other thing I CAN say that seems quite real, is that this world is taken over by aliens by June 7 2003. This I know, and I can't prove from 2003 that the rest of the events will happen but only these ones which I will name are the most true to me from here, because I have done some soul searching and found they are caused by things which ensure that they happen, because the seeds are too many for them to not occur. These I can say are more than likely to happen unless Divine Intervention occurs.

1999 SELF.......Can I chip in again and ask my 2003 self would you mind not telling my 1997 self that you actually think you know the future, because God revealed to me the day Jan 4th 2005 in a mighty holographic vision, and I would rather place ALL belief on that now as a COMPLETE replacement of what I saw on the escalator, if you don't mind. I mean say hello by all means 2003 self, but please don't tell myself in 1997 that the future YOU are announcing, is the ONLY option available to my poor desperate 1997 self, who thinks she is on a roll with the deja vu thing now. I must interrupt this timeline to say, this is now time to dissolve these beliefs which passed from 2003 to 1997.

2003 SELF....... I would like to say to you both ( the desperate 1997 self and the absolutist 1999 self): have you actually noticed that I'm here to stay and no other source of deja vus have ever projected onto you in the way you could expect, other than from me in 2003, your future contactee. Also I have deliberately reduced the deja vu effect, by making a small puff in the face, which is an improvement on your 1992 blast from the future tormented soul agonizing nearly kill you deja vus, you sent to 1971 and 1972 as a tormented teenager caught in a timewarp. I have, by this time perfected the art of sending a neat and tidy subtle reminder that the future is presently being sent. The fact that they will always be small sweet puffs in the face of a tickling sort means, that I have deliberately manufactured these 'reminders' to be of nil disturbance, yet at an appropriate time where you are not in a group of people, but outdoors where that seems less weird and you won't hear anyone's conversations beforehand echoing in triplicate, because you are stuck in another time warp.

1999 SELF.......Great, that does seem about right. OK I'll bear in mind that there may be SOME truth to what I saw in 2003, provided you can prove it is still valid. Now, how does this link in with what God told me later on in a vision? How can you pronounce the future as convincing to our 1997 self and actually know that the future is in God's hands by 2003? If you can, will you give me a complete chronological summary of everything that has happened from 1997 - 2003.

2003 SELF....... No, I will not because there are many different routes to 2003 and this is the outcome of them all and this is why I'm absolutely insisting that this one IS valid, because I have proved to myself from here, 2003, that I exist as a valid entity embodying your future truthfully.

1999 SELF....... TRUTH? Does that mean that you prayed your heart out for 'truth' and got this as God's will? i.e. you have figured out a way of knowing what the Divine Plan is, even though I was only allowed to know the day of Jan 4th 2005 by God and was told I was not allowed to know any other future or what happened before Jan 4 2005 either? This is the reason why I'm saying to you to cancel the future seen in Scotland which was sent to our 1997 self, (admittedly at her insistence) as I'm only allowed to see the day of Jan 4th 2005 as THE truth. How can you now say you have truth? Either one or the other must be true surely? I firmly believe that God hasn't decided before 2003 yet. If you could explain scientifically how you arrived at this conclusion exactly, that 2003 is truthfully portrayed and projected back to me in 1999 and 1997, when I believe what was given to me as Jan 4 2005 as my only true future, and told that it is 'not negotiable'. I'd like to hear your reasons for saying the 2003 future is still valid please.

2003 SELF........ OK, by 2003 nearly all your consciousness is transferred to your etheric brain and you are living at the edge of two dimensions. Time acts in a different manner in the fourth dimension and coming events are seen using 'advanced logic'. I have only a year and a half to go before what God told us what events materialize as His Will on Jan 4 2005. So therefore it doesn't take much to view from here, 2003, what is going to happen in the not too distant future, because the future is already projecting and replacing patches of reality, where those who are going to live through 2005, whom I have met and especially in a group, have it awaiting them as their collective destiny. It is materializing for them, as they yield to God's Will. It is absolutely consistent what awaits everyone of these survivors and I can read it in their aura because I am so sensitive, that it just passes straight into me by osmosis because I survive and are around in 2005. I didn't even try to know, but I can't help it if it just goes into me can I?

1999 SELF.......I have the distinct feeling you are right, because I just got confirmation from 2005 self that this is correct and she is allowing 2003 self to know more surely what awaits the world, but me in 1999 are not allowed to know, because ALL events have not been decided by God yet in 1999. However some are preordained, so it is Ok to know them.

2005 SELF....... All is well. I sent that deja vu then and you picked it up as a flood of warm love upon your face and that is my way of reaching back and then you can tell the difference between the occurrences sent from 2003 and 2005.

1999 SELF.......I can't believe my good fortune of actually talking with my 2005 self! You are so happy I could die of joy. If you wouldn't mind passing a bit my way I'd be so grateful as I know it is cheating borrowing good feelings from the future, but I like to look forward to something and it is heartening to know that there isn't an awful conflict between what I know coming as a revelation from God, on Jan 4th 2005 and my impatient 1997 attempt to sneak a few snatches of the future that may manifest. (Just to stop wondering for now and to rid me of 1997 insecurity.)

2003 SELF....... Now do you believe me, when our 2005 self has made herself perfectly clear that I am on the right track and that I do actually get my future from the future of other people as a collective whole and that future which God showed us in 2005, is seeping through confirming it so I'm getting it twice? I am doubly sure. This will make up for your double doubts! I'm also going to tell you that I have acquired a bit of knowledge about how time operates and you know time manifests on seven year cycles and that is why God showed you the vision seven years ahead in 1998 to reach 2005. The events of 2005 still stand alone as the truth, but when two of the three biorhythms cross, before they all join as one every seven years and make a vortex, which links to all the seven year cycles, then part of the future can be known but only random single events. I, in 2003, are giving you a few random preordained events along the seven year pattern of development which portrays God's will.

1999 SELF.......Thank you a million times, 2003 self. Now I know that it is random events which are part of a definite plan but not the WHOLE plan which can only be revealed IN and BY 2005 and PROJECTED BACKWARDS AFTER THEY HAPPEN, so I understand that some events, which you are going to tell me now, are given to you from 2005.

2003 SELF.......I'm so relieved, that now you will stop hounding me for more explicit details. I will give you only the events that God is willing and that I have picked up, which reflect the coming together of two biorhythmic cycles merging as causative factors, by the linking together and therefore activation of an event, but are still God's will. They only get seen when three biorhythmic cycles together make a big splash and burst into sensitive people's minds because a lot of inner planes unite their own cycles together and it is a marker for the invisible hierarchy (who instigate events) to go by, to fill in the details according to individual karma, which has to work around God's Will. So the angels who do the karma, only do sub-routines which work around God's Will but aren't allowed to change the markers, that bring about the MAIN events, which MUST be done according to the Divine Plan. The preordained events are markers on the Divine Flow Chart and the subroutines MUST reinforce them or else go around and around in further subroutine circles, (if people make big mistakes) until other events get more strength and then they reinforce each other. For example the seeds of many versions of one activity are planted for backup, in case people make wrong decisions or don't take the opportunity, and miss the timing cycle. They is why things happen in multiples, and synchronicity occurs.

1999 SELF....... I think I have got it. So you have been insisting all this time only about certain events, for the reason that certain happenings are God's Will and will happen and you can't say all the other events you are aware of will, because they haven't been told to you twice - once from the fate of others looming over them or as an awareness of the 2005 future becoming more visible, due the the etheric brain (on a different time frame) knowing them already and passing them backwards. So in actuality you are not standing on the elevator looking around and simply telling me the last year's events.

2003 SELF.......I am standing here for sure and you know it, but I am selecting the ones that I know are actually true from my own future perception and also which have been verified by my own investigation through prayer, about what I should tell you according to the Will of God. But they won't all happen before June 7th 2003, some may happen after depending on the desires of the masses, which produce karmic consequences.

1999 SELF.......At last I understand.

2003 SELF....... You KNOW London and Northern Europe are going to be underwater. I don't even have to tell you again, but I will if you need to be told once more.

1999 SELF....... I don't need confirmation on that again.

2003 SELF....... You know there will be a war in heaven and God's own universal army will take over the running of this world AFTER the Pleiadians first take control, while earth is suffering and they have combat with the reptoids for control of earth. These two species battle it out for control of the planet, because they have their own kind inbred into the population. Then after this war in heaven the rest of the human people from our own solar system take charge again of earth, as is their territorial right. You knew that long ago and you are asking me to confirm it again. I CONFIRM IT. They are the rest of the people from the solar system, which you have seen with your very eyes and talked with Venusians for years and years, for hours each day and YOU KNOW VERY WELL THEY RUN THIS EARTH. DO YOU THINK THEY WILL STAND BY AND WATCH EVIL ETS TAKE OVER A PLANET IN THEIR SOLAR SYSTEM? DO YOU THINK THEY ARE SO WEAK THAT THEY ARE DEFENSELESS? They could strike every reptoid and gray with lightning from the next dimension and kill the lot in one day. You know very well that they are in control so you don't need to be told again, but as a way to make you happy you will get two deja vus to make sure you never doubt this FACT again EVER. Once from me in 2003 and once from me in 2005. Puff!....beam!

1999 SELF.......I promise I will never ask that question again.

2003 SELF....... You know already that Israel will be subjected to a terrible biological attack and nobody can cure it. It is in the Bible, so I will say no more, but by Divine Intervention and the turning of the Israelis to Jesus they will be miraculously healed. Many people were trying to help with the disease and Israel was burning bodies. The Red Cross were there and people weren't allowed in and out of the country. There was a mass exodus from the borders of the surrounding countries.

1999 SELF...... Yes, I remember knowing that for years.

2003 SELF....... You know that many cities in America will be nuked and that it is smoldering and blackened but people are warned before, though many do not listen. However many get away, because the ones who nuke them do warn people. Many people moved to Mexico and Canada as word had got around that they did have nukes still. Also people had bad dreams and this was being discussed. The Americans think all their enemies do not have power anymore, being weakened by catastrophic weather conditions and famine. However from this point in time, the Russian made miniature nukes are used and placed in the cities. Americans are in deep mourning, and they have no choice but to let many aliens clean up the radiation. It was because many Arabs do not want to take orders from the strange aliens with the Americans. Something happened in the North Sea and the water level rose. The ice is cracked at the poles and melting and much land has sunk below sea level in Germany. Floods are in many places and many people get sick, due to nowhere safe to go. Just dry land is rare and food rarer. Russians are everywhere, because the borders to Europe are open and they have climate problems which cause them to become refugees as there is not enough food. Egypt had major earthquakes and was in ruins, even the major pyramids had broken open. God has control by 2003 and the good human aliens and angels who operated under His Divine Plan in God's universal army would oust the first aliens who deceitfully announced themselves as our benefactors, volunteering to clean up radiation, stop viruses and put right the ecosystem for a new restored gaia/world etc but who through UN controlled the earth with restricting laws and regulations and their surveillance system, which tracked everyone with technology, wherever they went and whatever they did. They also abducted people in their sleep, made hybrids from them and put implants in. The powerful aliens who heralded Jesus are a Universal Security and Intelligence Team who had some super weapons and some technical ability to remove the bad aliens that were abducting people. We were finally back in the universal fold or alliance, as we were at the time of Atlantis. They were accepted fully without question. We all knew they could remove the bad aliens and had mighty power, given by God.

Earth had been sectioned off since the Flood, from direct control by other stronger planets, because it belongs to Jesus and has a special destiny to combine all the types of humans developed in the rest of the universe into one multi-tasking hybrid of them all. We have been here to become strong and to develop enough emotion to sensitize our feelings towards God. Here on earth we develop awareness and our consciousness, and can evolve from a beast to a saint in one lifetime. By accepting Jesus as our help, and opening our hearts, we can be purged of the darkness that enveloped us in Atlantis, and brought us into the depths of a self made pitch black hell created out of ignorance that God loved us. Here we can know God loves us, because we can FEEL it. When we were in Atlantis, we couldn't feel deeply and needed scientific proof that even the universe had any good in it. We couldn't understand good and evil, because everything was debatable, but now we do. We may not be perfect yet, but we have had multiple short lifetimes, in many varied countries since the Flood, which have given us complex natures and have developed talents in many fields, from the purely physical as in athletics, dancing and fighting strength to the unearthly ability of knowing our souls are in the very presence of God in heaven.

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