TIME LINES: Other Me's

by Misty

I believe (after some psychic investigation) that personal timelines operate through our chakras, and that the main timeline we are given at birth, containing the karmic fate we have been given, is a synthesis of them all. Secondary timelines, which are like subroutines, on the main flowchart, are just chakra energies which have become too strong and have started to dominate the main timeline, and branched off on a tangent.

According to astrology, each chakra is ruled by a different planet, and the associated aura colour which contains the emanations of the dominant chakras 'flavours' the perception of reality. I do believe that we can lean towards the 'reality' of one of the planets in our solar system, and that we can be absorbed into its inhabitant's belief system. However, in order to exist in full truth, we need to be deeply immersed in all the planets equally, to allow a multi-faceted balanced view of the world, seen from many angles. If only one chakra dominates, the view of life narrows and the associated ductless gland, which goes with the chakra, would be more active than the other glands. If one wants to change their timeline, they must shift focus from one chakra to another. I don't know which colours operate through the glands, but I'd expect that red flows through the base chakra, because this area is ruled by Mars. This chakra energy, in turn, would rise up the spine and operate a certain part of the brain and shift the happenings in life onto a timeline which belongs to Mars etc. According to my reckoning, the red energy flows out of the base chakra horizontally, and this attunes one more solidly into the physical world, in a horizontal slant which intensifies an emotional connection with others. However, the base chakra can rise into a vertical slant if the kundalini fire draws it up or down vertically, by one's aspirations and high desires, because Mars rules the energy of desire. If our desire is different to the basic one to procreate or eliminate, it, upon being 'inspired' may flow vertically upwards and eventually discharge itself through the crown chakra to seek an understanding of the universe. This is the path the energy flows for seekers of God's love and the highest desire is to be one with God.

The opposite would be for the base chakra energy to instead flow downwards into the dark of the inner earth. This would stem from a need to satisfy emotional insecurities and perverse desires. As our spinal spirit fire originates from the inner earth and would reach heaven, by our efforts and inspirations, we could rise from a creature of earth to a perfect human, depending on what kind of desires we create.

I believe from my psychic investigations, that the energy flow from the other chakras slants up or down on a different angle, and this attunes one to whichever spiritual world that operates inside a particular reality. When the sun, moon and planets are positioned on the same angle to the horizon, they pass through the state of consciousness (or reality that operates through a special angle) in relation to the horizon. These "reality" states vary from vertical to horizontal and facing east to west. e.g. the vertical slant operates through the crown chakra, so any heavenly body will operate through this chakra and affect it accordingly.

The sun passing above at noon, has a powerful affect on the consciousness, by making one more self aware from passing in extra light through the crown chakra, and one can be purposeful for an hour or so each day. By contrast, the sun at midnight on the nadir, can make one feel more deeply emotional and psychic and help one recall past lives and know what is in one's subconscious. These are samples of the vertical angle in two expressions - one passing up to the stars and one passing downwards into the inner earth

I perceive the basic force of a timeline passing through a chakra this way:
CROWN/PINEAL CHAKRA: The vibration of inspiration
BROW/PITUITARY CHAKRA: The vibration of hope
THYROID CHAKRA: The vibration of truth
THYMUS CHAKRA: The vibration or order and beauty
HEART CHAKRA: The vibration of love and power
SPLEEN CHAKRA: The vibration of creativity
ADRENAL CHAKRA: The vibration of enthusiasm/survival instinct/the urge to win
BASE CHAKRA: The vibration of our desires

These I see as contributing to the main timeline, with secondary timelines being produced by small chakras. Combinations of dominant chakra realities and lesser chakra realities create different hued 'realities' according to various levels achieved within. Each chakra has a dominant colour flowing through it, but I don't know what these are, only that the base one is more than likely red, due to having the slowest vibration. The Atlanteans knew that different things vibrated to special colours and used concentrates of colours to project forward and backward in time to change the future and past. I wrote on this in detail in my experience of greeting myself in the Great Pyramid of Egypt in 1980, and using colour to select the date, (in which I appeared in the pyramid as myself in the future) while operating as an Atlantean scientist using timetravel technology. In other words some of this information is from my memories of being an Atlantean scientist, plus hundreds and hundreds of experiments in horary astrology- which is casting a horoscope for a particular moment in time. The rest of the terms I use I got from the works of Max Heindel, a spiritual pioneer in esoteric knowledge, when I belonged to the Rosicrucian Fellowship for 9 years. I joined in 1975, but left in 1984. Other esoteric information I was taught by Venusians, associated with that group (I will write on this daily contact later but a little is HERE) and the rest was given to me by Jesus.

However, I am not claiming to have any scientific ability here, I was only a signwriter by profession and I know little on science - all I am claiming is to know my own self and how time operates from personal experiences of timetravel, from the seemingly many times this has happened, in this life and other lives. There are still other lives I wish to write about on how I experienced timetravel as well, whether mentally, emotionally, from magic, from technology, or from other dimensions. These include a life in Montauk, Long Island,(near NY) during the time of Atlantis where I was with some others who manipulated the natural timelines which flowed through the area. This was a very bad thing to do, and some of that group have been victims of the Montauk Project as retribution, until they feel remorse and allow God's Will to be expressed and not to be motivated by curiosity and urge for power. I was not one who manipulated the timelines in that life, but was a woman and married to one who did this. Everyone was taken across the universe to the Universal Court for punishment, because it was affecting time on the other side of the universe. Apparently, time in the universe operates in a geometric pattern, and I will write on this when I can find the words. It goes faster in some places than others, depending on which life wave is operative within the framework of it. However I am not a saint either when it comes to science in past lives, because I invented at least two time machines in Atlantis at a much later date. There is another life in Orkney Islands, to the north of Scotland, where there was a universal interdimensional alien spaceport. This was during the time of Atlantis. I have a feeling that that natural vortex is being utilized, because I've seen maps of a huge vortex in the north of Scotland. Plus the fact the the American secret Aurora anti-gravity aircraft go from Area 51, to Pine Gap, Guam and Scotland. There is a dimensional doorway between Area 51 and Pine Gap, where if one walks a short corridor in Area 51 they turn up in Pine Gap. Though I haven't heard of anybody using Orkney Islands for this, I'm sure the Illuminati's alien pals would have pointed this out.

There was a life as a monk in Tibet, where I meditated and viewed past and future lives. One as a Chaldean astrologer, where I was taught how astrology operated by aliens using holograms. This life was overwhelming in cosmic experiences. There was another life as a Scottish Pict, where as I lay dying on the battlefield, alternating between life and death and moving in and out of the astral world, I was shown the future of these end times by the archangel race spirit of the Picts, and how all the people with Pictish blood around the globe, would fight the NWO and alien enslavers and win. I had another life during the time of Jesus on earth as a woman, and saw Him dying on the cross, and saw Him change the whole future of the planet's timeline, as He agonised on the cross, absorbing all the evil desires of mankind and transmuting them. He neutralised the impending bad karma due to past acts, and wiped it off with Grace. Grace is God's sovereignty being made manifest, and being used in our world, from God's supreme authority to forgive our sins. Grace comes through Jesus Christ, and is applied when accept His great gift in faith, that He is the Redeemer of mankind.

If Jesus hadn't purged our future of impending bad karma, (and this includes Atlantean corruption) we would be still be bound by the law of cause and effect. If we don't accept the timeline of God's Divine Plan, which Jesus purified and restored to perfection, then we are free to walk towards another potential future, which has not been cleansed of the Atlantean deviancy. If we don't accept a 'new' revitalised future, free of our impending karmic retribution, then the alternative is to reabsorb, our own darkness and perhaps this will help us cry out to God, as we drown in the misery of our own dark desires. God is always in pursuit of us, because He desires us to be with Him in Heaven. He had plans and purposes designed when we were created as a spirit, so when we accept Jesus, and accept His intelligent plan for our life over ours, then God begins to realign us to our original blueprint to become perfect. We can then step into another reality, in which we work with others to create a harmonious form of evolution, in which the 'template' behind it is designed to produce perfection. There is another story of another Atlantean timemachine on the link below.

Another glimpse of the future, which I've seen for years unaltered, is one that is so emotionally dramatic that it is echoing into my now. I found out emotions run backwards in time and they seem to be rippling backwards in persistent waves from this event. Some fear in my emotions is lodged in the future, from some activity that reveals the presence of many entities gathering in the inner planes, to try to take over the planet. It is an oppressive feeling that we humans living on this planet are in danger of invasion from powerful forces, that we would have no ability to win against this on our own.

On the late afternoon of this very disturbing day, some large luminous fine golden circular rings appear in the sky. I'm guessing they are about thirty feet diameter, and maybe the outside rim is about two feet wide. It would appear that some natural dimensional doorways are artificially lit around the edges, and this reveals their presence. I think they are on the gridlines, and they show a tunnel inside the opening very faintly. They look very nebulous and mysterious, rather beautiful like a golden rainbow appearing. That kind rarefied energy that shows the wonders of nature and makes us glad to be alive and that there must be a Creator who loves us. Plus the fact that this 3D world, is only a small denser part of God's mysterious universe.

They basically destroy the illusion, that the Earth is all there is and hint at the reality of another more advanced world that we can only dream of. The artificial light shows a translucent membrane between this world and the next and an open doorway. They are above sea level and I'm guessing here but appear maybe about a 20th or more from the distance from ground to cloud level. A semi transparent set of steps extends to the ground. Angels dressed in uniform guard each entrance. A short while later some come out and knock on people's doors and ask for people, whom have been allowed to take refuge from oncoming danger, into the twilight zone in between this 3rd dimension and the next. Everyone called is allowed to take their pets, but virtually nothing else, perhaps a diary.

I was given a vision of this possible future that wasn't a result of my own time-travelling efforts and this revealed only Jan 4 2,005 on another timeline running concurrently with ours. However, though I don't know a date for this in our time. If the following does happen I saw I was lucky enough on that timeline to be taken into the dimensional opening and viewed the oncoming alien invasion from inside this place, which was like a 2 way mirror.

On Earth, there were large batlike creatures flying about with broad wings that had come out of the inner earth. My friend has also seen this same scenario from inside this safe 4D haven with the bat creatures independently. I always perceive her with me in this place. The inner earth was emptying. All sorts of weird colours and sounds fill the air and it is as if the sky is being torn to shreds by technology in a kind of laser weapon war. I can feel the results in this place but in a muted form. There are ear piercing screeches. I feel sorry for the people who are subjected to this, still living in the physical world, and I believe they weren't necessarily bad people, just didn't care less about anything except their own comfort and senses. They were just mentally insular and took life to continue without their assistance to others in a lesser position for granted, however their eyes were sharply opened now to what they denied existed.

Presumably quickly any crystallization in their belief system would now be cleared from these threats and many more would get evacuated with a second removal into the twilight zone, (or the place which is a halfway point between the physical and etheric world, where humans, aliens and angels can exist and communicate). I also watched many who (hadn't previously gone up the Earth's etheric stairway to safety) being evacuated off the planet and taken to a physical location on a mothership/floating celestial city, which belonged to Jesus and resided in our solar system after arriving through a worm hole from the centre of the universe.

(However, as an aside to just wonder what happens before my potentially but now on hold vision of Jan 4th 2005, in my false alternate timeline originating from June 7th 2003, other lot of people were collected too by aliens who weren't in Jesus' universal army. When America's cities were nuked, ETs had announced themselves as our 'helpers' and well known ET societies had welcomed them. Many trusting people had chosen to go where these ETs had originated from, believing it was 'The Rapture'. They were told, that these aliens were written about in the Bible, and so called Religious leaders had convinced them, that it was e.g. the Elohim, or that the ETs were the archangels Michael, Gabriel etc. Others were told the prophets had returned to save people. Others just went with the aliens for curiosity, or from fear of dying on earth. Some saw it as an advancement spiritually. However, there were many kinds of aliens and communications systems were down in many places so not a lot was known about who went where. Many didn't know where the first people went e.g. who had been taken by Jesus' angels into the twilight zome, just inside physical reality.

But the ETs who were declared publicly as our 'helpers', were the ones who implemented surveillance laws, and controlled the survivors. Eventually they were defeated by the Universal Security Force, who police the universe, but because people accepted them initially, they were allowed to take over the planet. I'd estimate multiple timelines are work, before Jesus returns, some self-created, and others created using alien technology possibly at US and UK govt secret facilities)

Some people also stayed on earth for various reasons, because they hoped earth would be regenerated by these aliens, back to a Garden of Eden. Only a few hundred thousand had previously gone through the rings in the sky. These had paid their dues, and earned the right for safety by helping others in their lives. But the ones remaining on Earth, who were good people, but universally immature, were protected in their dreams, and their souls were safe until they were evacuated by small scoutships, owned by the humans in our solar system, into the etheric cities. By that time, they'd raised their vibration by praying ceaselessly, which they'd neglected to do before. They had also finally helped others with injuries and support. By the time the earth shook on that potential, but now on hold, sub-timeline Jan 4th 2005, the earth was evacuated. People were either on other planets, in travelling and stationary motherships, in the etheric cities, or dead.

To be continued.

June 15 2005. After all that communication, this Scotland timeline never materialised into my present reality. However I do know why and will make a page on this. At the same time I found 2 more 'me's' living in different countries. Apparently the one which visited Scotland on June 7 2003 was on a trip from her English home. I found out all these 2 extra 'me's' have been in existence for approximately 20 years each. Strangely enough, I already felt I was living alternate lives in England, California and Egypt concurrent with this one, which carried on chronologically with this one. But I figured it was wishful thinking. (This is technically true though.) I have also lived 2 more small alternate lives, but they were short and sweet and are now dissolved. These timelines are created by our deepest desires, which originate at the base of the spine, and the duration of each timeline is determined by the intensity of desire to achieve something.

I have opened the next dimension with the intensity of my heart twice, and now I realise that the base chakra can manifest a new timeline, by the energy present in the base chakra. The stronger the desire, the more real the timeline becomes. However I believe these extra timelines can't replace the timeline that God places us on. They are just ones that go off on a tangent. I believe that there is one main timeline, and 7 others wrapped around it which are 'potential' desires being temporarily 'lived'. They come from loops in time, and can be of varying lengths e.g. 3 1/2 years, 7 years, 14 years, and 21 years.

They operate within the 7 year natural cycles that normal time uses. For example if we had an infatuation with another person, we may 'imagine' ourselves being with them in a future scenario. This may be fleeting and carry on for the duration of our desire. However IF, the other person merges their same desire with yours, then the timeline is intensified and has further levels in which manifest in the inner worlds to make it stronger, and this is expressed in the dreams. It may also even link in other lives which both have shared. This timeline can be destroyed in an instant if one of the partners, rejects the other and turns their attention to another person, and with this matching the same strength of desire. However, the one who remains faithful will still feel the relationship is occurring, and feel helpless to stop it until it has run its course i.e. the timeline returns to the point of origin. These 'extra' timelines are what I term an 'almost reality'. This is what happened with my twin soul. I left in June 1980 and he in 2001 to go on a trip across the etheric universe to see Jesus in His Kingdom. But for some reason his response after he got back was displeasing to God, so God stopped him from going altogether in the first place.

I always wonder how this happened. I knew I went in a 3 1/2 year timeloop, as I spent 3 1/2 years there, but returned to the same day. However this is etheric time, which is different to our physical time. I didn't just dash off on another timeline with my physical body, as one does on a normal timeloop, which is apparently physical. It's true that my twin soul went etherically across the universe to see Jesus with me, though I was taken from 1980. But he was taken on an etheric timeline which was destroyed after. I have to look more into this, as I am unsure what happen regarding the removal of his initial trip. I just know that the timeline he used to go on was destroyed. I think that the consequences of it had to be removed, as it affected me negatively. So it seems that the etheric world also has permanent God controlled timelines, but I don't know if it has off tangent timelines which are just deviants from the true etheric timeline, like the physical ones created by false desires reaching out of the base chakra.

This is starting to get complicated, but I feel so many subtle variations of life operating within this reality, that just to find words for it is such a relief. I described this deviant timeline to my best friend, and she said that she felt she had one going in America, but she too lives in New Zealand. The funny thing is I always kept seeing her in USA in the future, as she did. It could be on an alternative timeline or the real future. So I guess it pays to look deeply into futures which appear to be real enough, in case they are only on deviant timelines.

I have arranged by prayer to Jesus to have all false desires removed. This entails the Californian timeline which is based on restlessness and need for constant social stimulation with individualists and radical thinkers. Plus associated UFO freaks, and people repeating Atlantean self discovery and experimental forms of consciousness enhancement.

The English timeline is one which satisfies a need to belong to the past and relive it in the form of ancestor attunement, and related Gaelic emotional connections. To understand history and to be in a timeless world mentally where knowledge is accessible in the form of books and ancient sites. To be surrounded by old energies which is just emotional gratification and sentimentality being fed.

The Egyptian timeline is an extension of my trip there in 1980 and to get in touch with deep occult forces, which are soul stirring and to feel the inner worlds and dangers associated with being in touch with ancient beings with all their mystery. Plus to be near my beloved pyramid where I encountered myself as an Atlantean scientist operating a time machine. As well as looking for all sorts of anomalies in the structure of reality, which are existent there where aliens come through into our world. Basically it's more of a daredevil where I believe I can face fearlessly the forces of darkness and explore the unknown universe.

I would like to wind these timelines up now, as they serve no purpose, now that I am seeking the Kingdom of Heaven and wish to follow only Jesus. I have been to His Kingdom and know that to be free of the physical world and live in the etheric I must let go of that which binds me to earth. I have already experienced entering the etheric world consciously in my ancient Persian life and now wish to look for the love of God and to live in that world. I wrote this last year and have been trying to figure out what it meant since. I even wondered if my twin soul, an American, spent time in California. Little did I know it was really me on a deviant timeline:

WRITTEN MARCH 16 2002. This is a glimpse of this other 'me' which got me worried. I didn't understand what was going on, but this is how I saw it then.

....."Every morning I wake up and know I have been in USA spiritually. In fact, the other day at work I slipped into the future in California. A song came on the radio, which I think might have been the Mamas and the Papas singing California Dreaming, and I was transported there almost like teleportation, it freaked me out as it replaced my reality. I had a devil of a job maintaining my reality here in Auckland. When my spirit came back it said - Why did you bring me back to Auckland, you know that I like California more, let me stay. Another part of me fought back with a vengeance and said - You are thinking of self only there and only developing qualities which make life more 'interesting' and you are only learning about human power and psychological interactions. I felt a fierce battle going on in my soul and the California self said - I am more powerful than you will ever be and I will decide. You are achieving precisely nothing important here in Auckland and you don't know all these interesting talented people like I do here. However my Auckland self ousted it out of my consciousness and said - You just don't understand the value of simplicity, honesty and freedom to ignore what others think and a new beginning in 'reality'. And with some willpower it 'recreated' my normal reality, and shattered the Californian one to smithereens. So do we carry around bubbles of reality with different parts of our consciousness, and they step into us? Is the California 'self' an extension of a timeline that was an offshoot but a still operating timeline, that was created when I was supposed to be going to Santa Cruz, California at the invitation of 2 different people I met overseas on 2 occasions? Synchronicity? I never went, but did go there once when I was 19. It seemed a bit familiar too".....

I wonder... can we create extra timelines with our thoughts alone and our wishes? Did I go again and not know it? and if I do go again in the future, can THAT timeline extend backwards to the time I should have gone again in the first place? I think yes, it does. So can timelines go backwards and forwards? I think the future seeped into the now, but that happened to me with music many times before. Not sure if the music centre of the brain has other qualities. But it could be that another part of myself, a woman, also in incarnation was born there, as I know that more than one composite part of us incarnates simultaneously all over the planet at once. It's a long story, but when I was in UK I woke up in the wrong body. I went back into to a woman in Northern Ireland. I got out quick though. It was a bit unnerving, as I also felt it was another physical 'me'. I've also felt myself living physically right now simultaneously in Korea, Russia and other places. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know how far one timeline stretches before it comes to a halt, or if one can be extended, as they were apparently going to 10,000 AD or something at Montauk. But then Ahern, which is myself the Atlantean, in the pyramid must have been a very long time ago, yet I am the extension of his timeline, which he took great pains to preserve. He whipped me back to Atlantis and didn't break the timeline.

The good news is I can chat with my Atlantean self in the pyramid in real time and it takes about 15 seconds for the telepathy to reach each other. I can ask him stuff and he answers. He knew I was on his correct timeline, and obviously knew some info on how timelines operate. This is of course another thing to work on, as to how that happens, but for now I think I overpowered my Californian 'self' when I snatched back my Auckland reality indignantly!

The Californian self wanted to associate with powerful people in the new age, pioneers in newage thought. She judged people according to her well studied methods of people analysis. Her failing was, that she put the study of human nature before seeking God. She used body language, astrology, palmistry, aura reading and all sorts of ways which determine how people tick. To her this was the ultimate to not be deceived by someone through ignorance of their true character, and believed that this developed wisdom. This in her ideal would lead to the perfect relationship, with excellent communication and she would live happily ever after. I don't know if she was in one, but I'll leave that investigation for now, so as to not further complicate matters. But she was seeking for unity and the brotherhood of man. Basically how to understand universal laws, various alternative sciences and the latest psychological research. Quite frankly I think she was actually bored stiff, due to lack of emotional sustenance, that a more simplistic peaceful non analytical approach to live gives. She wanted to know 'who am I?' from scientific analysis of character, as destiny. The eternal quest for self expansion must go now and be dissolved into becoming humble - sorry Californian self. Though it's a pity to waste all that hard work, perhaps it can be transferred into my twin soul's mind, as I believe he isn't a people person, and only seeks how technology operates.

This where my 'self' in UK comes in, to fill a gap in my soul of wanting to be in tune with the universe emotionally, and to understand our connection to the past. This delving into and cataloguing the past as history gave her emotional security from a bonding with what was once familiar. Like how an adult may go back to how they felt as a child, to feel secure and she needed more to be secure. This lead to a 'I am who I am before' belief system, by where we've all been in history and her role in this right back to Atlantis. Her focus was in reliving past lives by visiting known places where they were, and visiting places where ancestors once lived in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France (including also Norman) and probably Viking as some of my mother's ancestors came from Viking settlements in Ireland. Though both my father and mother's paternal side originates from the sons of the Irish King Niall of the Nine Hostages, about 400 AD in Tara. To her, where I've been is who I am. A need to know what happened to me on the planet, that was so strong that it connected this self, to stop my soul wandering spiritually into the cosmos and rejecting earth. It acted as a brake on my future orientated Californian self - desperate to merge into the cosmos, without connecting to the past. Two extremes of connection to past and future here in these 'selves'.

This 'UK me' has to go too, as reliving the earth's past is no way to evolve - not with all those stars in the universe. Basically she too was bored an in an emotional rut, by not seeking fresh emotional and mental stimulation from new experiences. So I'm sorry to say my 'UK self' it's been nice knowing you, and I am not happy that you deceived me about the 'real me' being in Scotland on June 7th 2003. This was actually yourself and though you tried to make me believe for 7 years that this was my future, it quite plainly was not. A good try, and I will be more careful in future about prophecies coming from future selves. However what puzzles me is how you accessed my '2005 self' who is most definitely me on my true timeline. All I can say is that you must have been very subtle indeed to access that future, that God gave me. Though you didn't really do me any harm, and you are not ego driven like my Californian self, I am sorry but you are weighing me down with the past. Thank you though for checking our ancestors, which I never did when I lived in the UK, and I feel guilty that I never even went to my ancestral homes of Ireland, Scotland and Wales and maybe I can catch up with this one day. I sincerely hope my emotions will be perkier now that they aren't carrying the burden of the past in some other reality.

My third and hopefully final other alternate self living on a self imposed false timeline was living in Egypt. I went there in 1980 and somehow or other returned to keep doing stuff I needed to do there. (To be continued, after I locate the data within)
UPDATE: That was apparently data, which I'll post as soon as I've got time. I think multiple timelines now are joining together on common themes. It's a bit complicated but I can get data. 10 Aug 2005.

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