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Occasionally, when Sembe was sick with fever and couldn't sleep properly and felt he was dying or losing his sense of present reality, (a frequent feeling), he would have conscious flashes of another mighty civilization, whose centre originally encompassed the Atlantic ocean and is now called Atlantis. It was completely different from anything he'd ever seen before in his present lifetime. Vast cities geometrically perfect, with huge coloured skyscrapers, made of every type of stone on earth.

Gold monuments created from alchemical processes, mosaic tiles all over the roads and giant towers with spaceports on top, that were almost a world within a world. The city transport system operated by anti-grav shuttles that sped silently in and around the cities. There were teleporters that the government leaders used to liase with the ambassadors of other lands. Huge perfumed flowering trees with gigantic coloured petals, genetically created to make one feel good when the perfume was inhaled, lined the streets. The Atlanteans created a semi-tropical technological paradise.

Shiny conical mirrors on the top of people's houses trapped sunlight and passed it into tubes underground, where it was fed into a reservoir that lit the cities naturally at night. Mighty fountains sprayed water all over clear crystal structures and sometimes gave people a glimpse of other worlds in the shiny patterns the water created as it cascaded in and out of the scientifically designed magic symbols, made of crystal. The form of each symbol opened the doorway to another dimension.

The Atlanteans had learned to use water as a mirror to the inner worlds. People were trained in the temples to increase the reflecting ether in their bodies so that they could be in touch with the memories of their past lives inscribed in that ether. Water was the physical expression of the reflecting ether, which held all the records of history within it. All that was needed was the key to open the door to whichever level of reality one required.

Timing was crucial to make the most of the patterns and forces passing through the atmosphere produced by the heavenly movements. The subtlety of people's minds to tune into the patterns of nature's doorways was perfected to a fine art. This is because people did not have that coarseness of emotion that blocked the messages from mind to mind by telepathy. Later they did and lost everything, but at least some carried the potential in their genes to revive the capacities at any stage they wanted and at any place.

He saw large transport carriers with many people inside go through the earth at rapid speed and come out many thousands of miles from where they left. Some people felt less disturbed in their bodily rhythms passing through many time zones by travelling this way across the earth. Others used the natural movement of solar energy in the sky at different times of the day. The sunlight opened up the portals to the rapid electrical vibrations of the twilight zone, the barrier that separated the etheric world of the parallel universe. The slant of the sun acted like a key to complete a tight geometric pattern which created the barrier between worlds.

They used ebb and flows of the electrical solar forces to harmonize with their own personal bodily biorhythms, which were calculated from the time of birth to flow easily within them at particular places and times. People travelled a lot. Everyone was obsessed with harmony and following the rhythms of nature exactly. It was thought very unwise to act contrary to natural flows of energy. It turned people into hypochondriacs (and gave them excuses to not be somewhere or do something), but people really got to know their relationship with the orderly processes of the seasons, the solar charged radio waves and the lunar creations and reflections within the manifold expressions of water.

Sembe also in his dreams of Atlantis saw entities that were not completely human with the leaders in the government buildings and the sharing of spectacular works of art. He saw the planetarium where there were vast displays of every star system lit up against dark walls. There were many many different kinds of peoples from throughout the universe represented in lifelike model form, with recordings of their language and music and the technological means to contact them should it be desired.

There was a huge museum with animated dinosaurs to scale with realistic skin. The whole civilization was a great wheel of activity, so nobody could say that something hadn't been invented, discovered, reproduced or made into a form of art. Sembe was sometimes weary after these dreams, as if boredom had set in to the depths of his soul. A feeling that there was nothing left to learn and the impression that life had been ground into millions of segments and examined under a microscope.

People in Atlantis said they knew everything and were tired of life. They hadn't explored the realms of feeling to the degree that they had a scientific answer to every pulse in the universe. But they explored feelings artificially with drugs, vibrations, electrical stimulation of the brain, or with various kinds of stimulants, alcohol and chemicals. There appeared to be not many people that could truly say that they could feel without some artificial aid. Using their imagination to tell themselves they actually were feeling was the only solution to the youngness of infant humanity, who had not really lived in such a way that was conducive to a wide variety of complex feelings.

They had no idea just how lacking they were in depth because they had no guideline to how limitless emotions were. Rightly it would have been feeling that would have brought them in close touch with their Creator, who was frequently bypassed while many people glorified in their own supposed immortality, as they had the means to always know who they were from their previous lives. Anytime a person amassed great power or wisdom they were never forgotten and inscribed in their hall of fame, so it was easy to see who could duplicate the feats and claim to be whichever person had previously done the same things. The priests in the temples had all the records in the ethers.

And there were very few that could pay the price to reach right in to the depths of the feelings of the soul and brave the unknown. The unknown was the region where all fears were realized and people wanted light to make them think everything was alright. They had made sure that the brilliant reassuring sunlight of the daytime never escaped so it could be redisplayed over the night, so they could pretend darkness didn't exist. Initially, there was not much darkness in the early stages of Atlantis, but as people became more civilized, more outgoing, they ceased to dwell on truths that they would get no credit for understanding. If one could not observe the expression of someone's mind in an outward act, whether speech, the arts or music, it was deemed to be too insignificent to be valued.

Not all truths could be portrayed outwardly but many people didn't aspire quite high enough to reach beyond a subjective view of the world and contemplate other realities, that were totally different from the world they saw. There were a few that could lose touch with the world in its entirety and let go of it long enough to reach parts of themselves that existed in unearthly realms, living a totally different existence to life on earth.

These people incorporated their deepest knowing that passed the realms of thinking into their understanding of our relationship with other lifewaves and how the universe operated as a whole. They were motivated by love, the substance that flowed through all God's creation and were seeking the source of it. Love was something many people talked about in Atlantis. Love as beauty, romance, harmony and perfection. As long as love was good people enjoyed it and shared it around. But love as compassion for the disadvantaged was very difficult.

Life in this mighty civilization was supposedly pictured as any human could ever express it outwardly, mirroring that which came from within. People who were born with genetic defects were kept apart from the bulk of humanity and studied endlessly by the scientists. A perfect society with no defects to them only needed to have yet another scientific solution to right its wrongs so the Atlanteans thought. Sembe was never happy in these experiences, he was always fulfilling someone else's plan for perfection.

Freedom was unheard of before the rebellion of humanity was artificially induced at a later stage in Atlantis. Sembe always followed the rules, at least initially before the majority of his soul emigrated to Venus. The straggler parts of his Ego incarnated back on earth to be forced into developing individuality through suffering, imprisonment or slavery. The urge to survive had a way of building up resourcefulness and strength.

When he later incarnated at a lower stage in Atlantis, his feeling of emotional emptiness was something that became a problem. Gone was his urge to obey like a little child (it was elsewhere living in another time and another place). He had less self control, he felt raw and vulnerable and subject to enormous whims and obsessions to follow various leanings. Freedom was his biggest pleasure because that meant he didn't have to do what he didn't feel like. He did a little of everything life after life and finally found a kind of balance that enabled him to think logically again after being denied his scientific abilities which were being shared around the universal group mind of his 'individualized co-creator in the making', that he was a small part of in physical embodiment.

He spent many lives learning to become an historian and anthropologist and learned to love knowledge about the world he lived in. He had previously in the early stage of Atlantis learned to understand the forces of nature and their use in scientific endeavors. Now, after the fall of man - (in the life he always saw in his dreams), he channeled these new mighty undisciplined desires, that burned through his body like a fire out of control, into his mind and he spread himself thin expanding and learning.

He travelled around the world endlessly in Atlantis studying different cultures and had his own transport vehicle that could easily fly from one place to another using the corridors in the sky that the body was in synchronicity with, avoiding jet lag and disturbed sleep patterns. They still knew some of the old secrets.

All the rhythms of the body were measured and the time for flying was chosen to harmonize with the flow of energy down the wormholes in the sky spaced at equal intervals. One was reluctant to overload the body with energies that caused natural rhythms that were replenished in different sections at different times of the day.

Sembe many times in his dreams had been himself in the Atlantean spaceship that passed over the land in a smooth passage that allowed his soul to fully express its urge for expansion and freedom, while he gathered data on the living habits of mankind. He had eventually became quite objective about the world he lived in during those Atlantean research lives and this helped eventually to raise parts of his consciousness away from only using the five senses as an outlet for observing the physical world. This built a bridge to himself as Sembe dreaming in ancient Persia - watching himself consciously and allowed the future to seep into the Atlantean past while he slept.

As Sembe watched the passing lights in the sky, his memory was awakened and he recalled himself in the world he lived in in Atlantis. He again felt love and thankfulness to the Architect of the Creation for letting him experience the freedom to enjoy it in his space ship. This love reached into the future, to contemplate what the world he lived in may blossom into ultimately. He was full of hope that one day he would understand the stars. He would feel the overshadowing presence of himself in the future as Sembe watching as a deja vu. His Atlantis self would feel very frightened at the thought of not focusing completely on the familiar world beneath him, especially at night while he was in his space ship on a starry night.

Alone on the tower, watching the stars, Sembe knew that deep within his mind there was an understanding of a complex society that just completely overwhelmed him in its enormity. Just thinking about living a kind of existence like that again filled him with dread and fear. He compared it with the freedom he had in his mind in his present life and sighed with relief for his good fortune in this primitive life by comparison.

He didn't have the huge burden of having to assimilate the substance of his being with large numbers of people whose thoughts and feelings ranged from absolute fear and stupidity to artistic genius and scientific inventiveness. He valued quiet as the most valuable prize one could ever gain. There were so many voices in his head that if any other people came into his life their voices cut into the fabric of his existence and tore holes into his soul. Trying to comprehend the human mind to him was the biggest burden he could think of.

He put that job to one side and wondered how many different thoughts there could ever be and if it was possible to run out of ideas or whether one just repeated previous ones but improved them. He pushed down these complex thoughts as far as he could with his will and built a barrier so that they didn't come up again. He had developed control of himself to quite a considerable degree and was absolutely sure of his ability to absorb the energy of whatever particular star he wished to commune with, without other nearby stars interfering with his communication.

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