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Many people had said they were gods in Atlantis, because their creativity knew no boundaries, but they couldn't get past their awareness of themselves to higher levels. They knew the secrets of creation itself as discovered by yet another mortal one that got help from high intelligences who opened his mind. He wanted to also conquer time but he did not have the ability to be obedient and therefore develop the willpower to contain his individuality and hence differientiate between his thoughts and fallen angels when his own time for Initiation came thousands of years later after the Flood in the promised land.

The act of genius, that came from advanced logic, which deduced that the visual archetype of a thought created in sound would densify and materialize into the material world infused with will was this man's karmic credit. Lifting thought higher, when he aspired for it and grew intelligent enough to use it, gave him the place in the special tribe of the Lion which would appear in another age. He was half hearted, unlike his human father who glorified God and prepared the way for the Saviour of the human race. It was a mighty role carrying the destiny of the One who conquered time in the blood of the veins, but he eventually used the power for his own glory.

But he was intelligent and there was always hope that he could lift his desires higher at the moment of temptation, because he had many lives before his test of becoming a co-creator. God gave this mortal King much wisdom and he was called 'the wisest man in the world'. But because at the time of his discovery of the principles of manifestation in Atlantis there was vanity contained in him, that weakness allowed the severest temptation to be projected into the future when he was reborn with a special destiny. The King born especially to pour out God's wisdom in the Holy Land.

He had regained all that he discovered of magic and all his symbols were given back to him. He didn't need them, the praise from others made him feel like a god and he knew his thoughts would create anything he wanted. He should have created faithfulness, the one thing he forgot about. He thought he'd remember his magic forever. It gave him false security. He dropped from such a height, that the only utterence of joy to be heard in all the world was the eagerness of those in who lived in the inner earth, in a parallel universe who would welcome him into their midst, ready to pick his mind of every secret he ever knew.

We want his magic, we want him they said as he unfaithfully put shrines to please his multitude of foreign wives, that weren't to the Creator of all, but to the earth mother to whom he was given when he died. He was as foolish as he was wise. But there are those who still worship him and their souls seek him out in their dreams where lower aspects of his consciousness control them to hang onto the last bit of power and adoration he has. The moment people feel pity for him rather than adoration will be the beginning of his upward climb. He created the illusion of his greatness. When the illusion of his power has been shattered and true humility is born he may regain his lost estate.

Many people fell from a great height in Atlantis through vanity and will return to a stage where they must choose themselves or God, falsely believing that He has no power to stop them creating what they want. Sembe knew to beware the smiling face of evil. He knew all about false light and evil from the stars. This weakness was absent in the One who conquered time in Atlantis. He was much too intelligent to be vain. He knew God designed Him and that the brain He had was not created by Himself. He was to fulfil its requirements and when He became a God-Man perfecting Love, Light and Truth, He would have the right to call Himself perfect. And only gods are perfect. Sembe knew a human in whom the Creator of All was pleased to have all His fullness dwell.

Sembe knew the One who conquered all evil that had been and was to come, became a microcosm of the mighty Creator of All that brought all His creation to fulfilment and completion. He knew this One embodied all the light that our Creator shed for our journey back to Him. Sembe knew that if we didn't walk up that ladder of light we would not see or find our way home to the place in Eternity that is reserved for us. There were many other forms of light that came from many other kinds of fires that the universe generated, but only one light that was pure and made of the Divine substance of the Creator of the Universe. So pure that evil cannot live in it. And we must be pure before we can enter the Holy of Holies, the Secret Place of the Most High in Eternity.

Just as light is hidden by being refracted into many colours, so light itself can be so bright it hides the evil of indifference. Truth does not always mean compassion. Many beings Sembe observed had light but all were not kind. They embodied truth only and not love. While the One who conquered time understood the structure of the universe interpreted through the cloak of truth, He went yet even higher than truth propelled by the force of Love and embodied Consciousness/Life itself when He conquered the past and future in the World of Virgin Spirits. This is Eternity in which the past merges with the future.

Sembe loved that dream. He felt the love of God through his Friend's heart. He searched so much to find God and knew he had a long way to go but was encouraged that someone he knew paved the way. His friend was invincible, now He was Master of the Universe - God's Co-Creator. Sembe knew that his Friend's destiny now lay in helping all creation walk the path of God's Light He had opened so that they could rapidly advance behind Him following only the true Source of Light and not false lights.

The memory of the experience was always there in Sembe's mind, waking or sleeping. They all saw thousands of years in the future but not all had the courage to go so far, to the end of time. However Sembe did see far enough to see the earth go through many upheavals, lands arising and sinking both physically and spiritually In the shaping of mankind to perfection.


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