My trip on an alternative timeline to June 7th 2003
by Misty

My jump into June 7th 2003 by experimenting, and using my own method of projecting forwards in time, which led to the discovery of another 'me' living an alternate life.

Another view of the future as shown by God through a timegate connected with Jan 4 2005



When I was seventeen and eighteen years old I had my own art studio in Gisborne, New Zealand, and used to paint to my heart's content. I listened to the usual 70's music - Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Santana etc... When I painted, I entered a timeless realm where the present world ceased to exist and it was replaced by my hopes for the future. I hoped and hoped for a better life - one with love, beauty, romance and music. Full of colour and harmony and laughter. And of course a wonderful warm kind partner. I made an ideal future in my imagination and planned all the things I would create. I was so creative that knowledge was worthless. I saw knowledge as a distraction from my self-expression. I could feel the back of my head burning with activity as I poured my heart intensely into whatever I was creating. Only that which would make the world a more beautiful or pleasurable place to live in was worth anything. Ignorance was bliss.......

My ideal world had some glitches. No matter how perfect I created it, it was always marred by a very, very bad feeling that to be realistic I would probably end up suffering to the depths of my soul, at some time be stuck in some foreign country and be lonely, end up a solo mother, in debt, sick, possessed by a partner whom I could never escape, end up doing cleaning for a living or be stuck in some tiny flat with no view, listening to the endless sound of lawnmowers and living like a pauper with no food. My feelings had prophetic ability.

I pushed them down as hard as I could to suppress them. After all who wants to feel bad, without an ounce of proof that any of this could ever happen? I had my hands, and as long as they could create there was hope for a great future. My creativity was profuse then. I was also an idealist in the extreme.

There was another problem, that reached deep in to my dormant mind, not yet capable of knowledge about anything, except which paintbrush was in the best shape. I experienced endless deja vus. Sometimes I felt as if I did everything three times over before they happened. No matter what I did I often knew what would happen next - the next sentence in someone's conversation seemed familiar. I'd have one deja vu, then another a minute later and again another. I was caught in a time warp where no matter what I did, I'd often experienced it before. I felt my life was running in triplicate. Layers and layers of deja vus destroyed my happiness.

Can't anything be fresh and new I begged my soul? Why does everything echo from the future? I felt like I was watching the same movie over and over. I hated the flashes from the future but knew nothing about them to stop it. Every time they came, I would experience the deepest sorrow of what I'd lost emotionally.

My feelings of doom were so far ahead that it frightened me. I never even thought consciously about tomorrow let alone 20 years ahead. A cloud of doom preceded my every step. I knew deep down that my future was horrible, the worst nightmare imaginable and many times, (sometimes every day) I was reminded. My feelings were always coloured with the belief that tomorrow would give me pain. However I managed to keep them controlled and let the urge to seek and create beauty dominate on a conscious level.

Occasionally when the atmosphere had an electrical charge, like before a storm - a feeling of intense excitement at what would come would pierce my mind with hope, that my future really would be exciting. Freedom would enter my soul and blast the impending sorrow out and destroy it. Exhilarating surges of adrenaline would rise in my body that revealed a tomorrow full of anticipation about travel, adventure and many wonderful stimulating loyal friends. Purposefulness would burn in my veins and I would experience a sense of achievement and mastery of the unknown. A release from the grapplinghook of fate. Life was flowing my way. It felt good. But alas this only happened on the rare days that lightning flashed.


I'm sitting on the sofa hanging my head in the deepest sorrow, my heart filled with pain. I'm in debt because I gave my hard earned money to a man who had no intention of working. I have his child. Lawnmowers are constantly grinding and I'm in a small house with no privacy or view. The man next door has a chainsaw, and it feels as if everyone in the block does, from the amount of noise going on. There's constant hammering, it seems to go on from more than one house. My ears are very delicate, and noise is my worst kind of suffering. A dog barks with the deepest sadness at being constantly chained. The next door neighbor plays jazz over her loudspeakers which I hate and keeps waking me up in the small hours coming home. She argues loudly with her husband. The smell of dope comes from their house and a barbecue from the house on the other side. I am a vegan and it makes me feel sick.

My clothes are worn, and I have holes in my shoes. The car is constantly breaking down. There's no food, bills are piling up. No washing machine and a million dirty nappies. I have no creative ability whatsoever because I learned to think, which unfortunately seemed to wipe it clean away. I get constant insomnia and nightmares. My nerves are bad. My partner is from the same Irish King genetic line, so I felt an unconscious obligatory tie to be loyal, but he drained me financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. He was a talented songwriter but he wasn't stimulating to me, except for his music. He was lethargic and lacking enthusiasm, whereas I like to try new things for variety and see what is new all over the planet. I sit there once again longing for the past, when I was free. I used to be happy I agonized. When I was seventeen and eighteen years old I could create, now I can do nothing but think. I'm worthless, just a thinking machine whose life is in tatters with no hope of ever removing this man. If I had the money I would have left.

OHHHH I WISH...........

Just a minute - I'm giving myself deja vus. I've just discovered something for mankind! Everytime I think back I give myself the future! I must have done it a million times! Must have relived every single minute again of everyday of age seventeen and eighteen in that studio.


I can't believe this! No wonder I saw the future, I have been constantly sending my thoughts back to it.


Now I am in tune with the universe. What will the future be - good or bad??

I must tune into those deja vus from the future...

I know my personal future is fine but I can't guarantee anybody else's as I get a bad feeling we are going to be invaded by aliens. Actually I know aliens will be running this world, sometime while I am still on this earth.

YEARS LATER - about 1997

My son's father went back to back to his homeland of Australia, and I am living in a nice house with a beautiful view of bush. Trees everywhere. Birds singing non stop. Nice quiet neighbors. Privacy. Things are looking up.

I am watching TV and the program was about Billy Connolly in Scotland. I have some Scots blood in me. He's going up an escalator in Glasgow in the main shopping center.


1997 SELF.......I'm going to be on that same escalator in the future checking out my Scots ancestors. Hold that picture. I go through the TV and yell at myself from the past - take a note of this - I want to know what happens in the future. Please make sure you remember that now, in your past, I'm watching TV seeing Billy Connelly going up this escalator and that when you are on it you remember you saw this on TV . OK?

2003 SELF....... GOT YOU!

1997 SELF....... This is really important future self. I must know everything which is happening in the world and the date. PLEASE GIVE ME THE DATE.

2003 SELF....... June 7th 2003.

1997 SELF....... Has Armageddon happened yet?

2003 SELF....... NO.

1997 SELF....... Can you give me an overview of the future of the world as a whole, like a panorama, not just one or two events? Make it spread evenly over the last year and please include politics, alien invasions, natural and unnatural disasters, wars and rebellions of the masses against the NWO.
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This is Princes Square Shopping Centre in Glasgow.

This is St Enoch's Shopping Centre in Glasgow.

These are the two biggest shopping centres in Glasgow, and I'm not sure which escalator my future self spoke to me from. I feel I have visited both of them in the future, however my intuition tells me that the St Enoch one was the place of my deja vu. But to be on the safe side I'll add the other as a possibility, as I've never been to Glasgow and the more I look at them both the stranger I feel. (Heaven forbid that any other strange flashes/deja vus may occur, the whole thing is complicated enough) However if I ever did get to Glasgow, I'd have been sure to visit them both anyway, regardless of the whole incident.

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